FREE Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Permit Test

A drivers education course is a great way to prepare for the permit test at the DMV! It's even better when you get drivers ed for free and that is exactly what you will find here – a free online drivers education course to place you behind the wheel quicker! All of the important topics covered by driver's ed classes that you need to learn for your permit test!  Based on the official drivers manual, but so much more fun, with plenty of images to help you learn quicker! Combine the course with our free practice permit tests and you got yourself a winning deal!

The program is divided into a number of section, each one containing a series of themed articles that cover various aspects of driving: traffic rules, traffic law, signaling, moving through intersections, traffic signals, making turns, driving on highways.  While we tried to concentrate on topics that are covered on the DMV permit test, we just couldn't help ourselves and went somewhat overboard, including a lot of additional info that will see you safe through any on-road situation in the future.  We have also created two separate sections on road signs and pavement markings, make sure to check them out.

A word of advice before you go any further - if your DMV requires that you take a state-certified and licensed drivers education class, this program will not work for you.  You can still take it just learn something new about driving, but you will have to take a licensed drivers ed class as well!

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