Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Washington Permit Test in 2024

All first-time driver’s license applicants should complete a reputable driver’s education course, even if it is not legal requirement. The drivers ed course we provide here at covers every essential traffic law, road sign and driving skills you must learn to become a safe and proficient driver. Our course is 100% free to access, fun to use and will help you work through the material in the 2024 Washington DOL handbook in record-breaking time! Get ready for your WA DOL permit test and set yourself on the path to becoming a full-qualified driver today.

Washington residents who are under 18 years old must provide proof of enrollment in a state-licensed driver’s education course, or pass the DOL written test, to qualify for a learner driver’s permit. Note that if you are between 15 and 15.5 years old, enrollment on a drivers ed course is compulsory. Beyond this age, you may apply for a learner’s permit without enrolling in drivers ed, though it will mean you cannot progress to an intermediate license and drive on your own until you are over 18 years old. The driver education course you complete must include at least 30 hours of classroom-based learning (approved online courses qualify) and no less than six hours of driving instruction with a certified instructor. Make no mistake, drivers education can be a challenge. The more you can do to prepare yourself for the experience beforehand, the easier your studies will be. Using our drivers ed course to learn about road rules, alcohol awareness, driving in hazardous conditions and defensive driving techniques will ensure your knowledge is up-to-scratch, before you set foot in a classroom.

It is impossible to be a safe and skilled driver without a sophisticated understanding of driving theory. While the only way to get to grips with essential maneuvers – such as three-point turns and parallel parking – is practice, you cannot begin to work on these skills without first learning about how they work. The Washington driver’s handbook does contain some information on essential driving maneuvers and vehicle control skills, though there simply is not space in the manual to break these techniques down properly. Our teen driver’s ed course features dedicated sub-sections covering every essential maneuver, which include images, tips and step-by-step guides. Before working on your core driving skills behind-the-wheel, you can read through the course sub-section which deals with the maneuver you are working on, to make sure you know exactly what you are doing and how that maneuver should be executed.

Once you turn 18, completion of a driver’s education program is not a compulsory part of the licensing process. While you can enjoy the convenience of not having to take a state-mandated classroom course, you should still work through a thorough and up-to-date drivers ed program, such as the one we offer here. Turning 18 does not mean that you automatically acquire the knowledge and skills required to operate a vehicle on public roadways safely. Completing our Washington driver’s education program will ensure you have that knowledge. Aside from this, you will still have to pass the required DOL written test before you can start learning in the driver’s seat. You could rely exclusively on the permit book when preparing for this test, though you will find the process far easier with assistance from our course. As we are all about providing comprehensive study support, our team have also built a range of legitimate Washington practice permit test quizzes, to help you track your progress with the drivers ed course and prepare for the exam.

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