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Got a few minutes to spare on preparing for the Alabama permit test?  Good on you!  We've got just the thing for you!  One of the best quizzes for beginner, a free Alabama practice permit test 2020 with twenty multiple choice questions on signs and rules!  Even if you already took a sample quiz or two, take the practice test anyway and see if you're really as good as you think you are!  Don't waste any more time on reading this, jump right into the quiz and start hacking away at those sample drivers permit test questions!

Wondering why the practice test has only twenty questions and whether you should start with something a bit more extensive?  Stop right there!  A practice permit test with hundreds of different question will do more damage than good to beginners.  Remember the saying, "learn to walk before you run"?  It applies to every area of your life, preparing for the learners permit test is not an exception to this rule.  Taking a massive online permit test for Alabama that will throw hundreds of new sample questions at you is likely to leave you confused and overwhelmed, but it will not teach you much.  We believe in starting small and gradually working your way up, that's why we have designed this first Alabama practice permit test with just 20 questions.  Don't worry, though, we've got plenty of other permit practice tests with over five hundred sample knowledge test questions for you to study!

This free practice permit test for Alabama consists of multiple choice questions on signs and rules.  The interactive quiz is graded immediately after you answer a question, you don't have to wait until the end of the exam to find out what questions you have missed (yes, we hate those kind of practice tests too).  Just as soon as you select an answer, the practice test will show you whether you answered the question correctly and, should you make a mistake, highlight the right answer for you.  But that's not all.  Whenever you miss a question, we will also display a detailed interpretation for the answer, explaining the rule in more details.  Reading these explanation really helps you to learn faster, so be sure not to skimp on them. 

All questions on the real driving permit test are based on the materials presented in the Alabama drivers manual, so why reinvent the wheel? All sample questions on this free Alabama learners permit practice test are based on the same handbook!  There's a good reason the manual is frequently referred to as the Alabama drivers permit book, it really has everything you need to pass the knowledge test and receive a driver's permit on your first visit!  Make sure to download a copy and read it if you have not done so yet!

For those too lazy to read the handbook, we have prepared a number of study aids to help them along the way, you can call upon them when you encounter a question that is particularly hard.  The practice permit test has two self-help options at the moment: hints and the 50/50 choice.  Hints will provide you with more information about the question, they aim at directing you towards the right answer without giving it away.   The 50/50 button is a much more blunt and straight to the point - clicking on the button will remove two incorrect answers for any sample question right away.  The Alabama practice permit test will allow you to use these tools for any sample question, but try to use them responsibly, remember, you won't have these options at the DMV!

With a little time and the right study tools, you will slaughter the permit test!  This free Alabama practice permit test 2020 is just the tool you need!  Read the book, take other sample exams on the website and we'll see you at the DMV!