Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Oklahoma Permit Test in 2024

All prospective drivers should complete a reputable driver’s education course before putting in their learner’s permit application at the DPS office. Drivers ed covers far more than just rules of the road and road sign meanings. It is a comprehensive education program designed to help you become a safe driver and stay on the right side of the law. On this page, you will find our free driver’s ed course for Oklahoma license applicants, which has been built to partner the 2024 DPS driver’s handbook. This resource is completely open access, which means you can refer to it as often as necessary throughout the driver’s licensing process.

If you reside in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman or another Oklahoma district and are under 16 years old, you must complete a state-approved driver’s education course prior to applying for a learner’s permit. This must include at least 30 hours of classroom study at a public school or with a private drivers ed course provider, and some behind-the-wheel instruction. The Oklahoma DPS also accept parent-taught driver’s education, to accommodate home-schooled students and those who cannot reach a certified driving school to take lessons. If you decide to go down the parent-taught driver’s education route, your parent or guardian will need to download an application form and the drivers ed information pack from the DPS website. Our teen drivers education course is an invaluable resource for those who choose not to enroll in a classroom based course; it contains all the same information as the state-approved program and does not cost a penny to use.

Oklahoma learner’s permit applicants who are over 16 years old are not required to submit a certificate of completion for driver’s education when requesting a permit from the DPS. However, this does not mean that you do not need to bother taking a drivers ed course. Learning how to share the road with other road users, operate a vehicle effectively, avoid collisions and obey the law is important for drivers of all ages. You will get all these lessons on our free driver’s ed program, plus many more besides. Safety is the main focus of the course as driving is an inherently dangerous activity. As a novice driver, you will be at far greater risk of making a mistake that results in a collision or accident. During our course, you will learn how to scan the roadway for hazards, apply defensive driving techniques, adjust your behavior in different driving environments, deal with hazardous weather conditions and cope with mechanical failures. When the time comes to begin learning behind-the-wheel, or driving unattended, you will be in a far safer position as a result of this information.

Much of the information on this Oklahoma driver’s education course refers to later stages of your driver’s training, when you begin learning to operate a vehicle on public roads. Though, the modules “Signals, Signs & Markings” and “Rules of the Road” will come in handy far sooner, as these are the subjects you will be required to answer questions on during the 50-question DPS permit test. While studying for the DPS written test, you should use these chapters of the course alongside the official Oklahoma manual, and our general knowledge permit practice tests. The multiple-choice questions on our free DPS practice quizzes are exactly like those you will face during the real assessment, making them the perfect learning tool to accompany the Oklahoma drivers education program.

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