Drivers Education to Help You Pass The New Mexico Permit Test in 2024

Driver’s education is a fundamental aspect of the driver’s licensing process in New Mexico. Studying road signs, rules of the road, defensive driving, alcohol awareness, driving in bad weather, night driving and driver responsibilities will ensure you pass the initial MVD learner’s permit test and will set you on the path to becoming a safe and competent driver. On this page, you will find the perfect 2024 drivers education course to get your learning journey started. It’s fun, free and suitable for all prospective drivers from Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces and every other New Mexico city!

Taking a state-licensed driver’s ed course is compulsory for all NM teen license applicants. You must be enrolled on an approved course before applying for a learner’s permit and must complete the course successfully to qualify for a provisional graduated license. Any course you choose must include at least 30 hours of classroom training and seven hours of driving time with a certified instructor. You will learn a lot through state-mandated driver’s ed when the time comes but for now, you still need to study for the initial 25-question MVD written test. As you will not have full access to your state-licensed driver’s education program prior to the assessment, you can use our free, comprehensive course to learn about rules of the road, alcohol awareness and road sign meanings. These are just three topics covered on our course, which is designed to provide all the driver’s theory knowledge necessary to get you on the road. Using our course to get a head start on other subjects like sharing the road, defensive driving and vehicle maintenance will make sure you get the most from your driver’s education experience and can pass the final exam first time.

Having passed the 25-question permit test and acquired your instruction permit, you will be legally allowed to start practicing your driving skills under the supervision of a licensed adult. Teen drivers in New Mexico must hold their permit for at least six months, complete their drivers education course and evidence a minimum of 50 hours supervised practice time (which must include 10 hours at night) to be eligible to apply for a provisional license. When these criteria have been met, your final challenge will be passing the driving skills road test. During that assessment, an MVD-approved driving instructor will accompany you on a drive through various roadway settings, then ask you to perform several basic maneuvers in the vehicle. These maneuvers will include driving in reverse, parallel parking, making an emergency stop and executing a three-point turn. It is not enough simply to perform these maneuvers during the test, as your examiner will be checking to see if you can perform them properly, in accordance with current safety guidelines. Our NM driver’s education course features a dedicated “Driving Maneuvers” chapter to help you learn and practice the correct procedures for these essential maneuvers.

Driving maneuver techniques should be covered during your New Mexico drivers ed program, though with our instant-access online course, you can have step-by-step guides and diagrams at your fingertips, whenever you want to practice. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or similar advice with access to the internet! Remember that using your cellphone while operating a vehicle is illegal, so if you need to check some information, be sure to pull over and park safely before accessing the drivers education course.

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