Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Ohio Permit Test in 2024

Hoping to start studying rules of the road and driving techniques, without having to fork out for a costly driver’s education course? You’re in luck! On this page, you have access to our free, student-focused drivers education course for Ohio learners. Based on federal road laws and the information in the 2024 BMV handbook, this fantastic learning tool provides all the information you need to begin learning and get through the 40-question Ohio BMV permit test with a passing grade. Unlike classroom-based programs, this drivers ed course will not cost you a penny and can be worked through at your own pace.

Taking a state-licensed driver’s education course is mandatory for teenagers from Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and all other cities in Ohio, who are seeking to obtain a probationary license. The course you take must consist of at least 24 hours of classroom study time, plus 8 hours of real-world driving experience at a state-approved driving school. You will learn a great deal about safe driving techniques and traffic laws through your driver’s education course, but as you are not required to enroll in one until after you have acquired an initial instruction permit, you will need some additional study help prior to that time. To acquire your instruction permit and begin driving under the supervision of a licensed adult, you must be at least 15 years and six months old and pass the 40-question BMV written test, which deals with basic driving general knowledge. The official recommendation is that you prepare for the permit test using the Ohio BMV handbook, and while this is sound advice, you will likely need some extra support. This is where our teen driver’s ed course comes to the rescue.

There is a great deal of useful information in the official driver handbook, though it is not always laid out in the most learner-focused way. Furthermore, there is additional information in the handbook which you will not necessarily need during any of your driver license exams. Our Ohio drivers education course contains everything you must know about road rules, road signs, traffic signals, hazardous driving environments, roadway scanning techniques, defensive driving, drug and alcohol awareness and all other topics that are likely to feature on the permit test. Using plain language, helpful images and step-by-step guides, the course presents this information to you in easy-to-follow modules, which you can return to as often as necessary in the run up to your Ohio permit test. As you complete each section of the driver’s ed course, we recommend turning to the associated chapter in the official driving manual to reinforce what you have learned and make sure you’re up-to-speed with Ohio-specific laws.

The beauty of this free driver education program is that it can be instantly accessed from any internet-ready device, whenever and wherever you need it. After you have obtained your instruction permit, you can return to our step-by-step driving guides while practicing vital maneuvers like three-point turns, backing up and driving through intersections. Of course, you should access the driver’s education course prior to practicing these maneuvers – not while you’re actually driving the car!

Getting a head start on your driver’s training with this free driver’s ed course will make your state-mandated driving course easy, when the time comes to take it. Keep in mind that you will need to complete your 24-hour classroom course by scoring 75% or more on a written examination and you only get three shots at passing it. To make sure your knowledge is up-to-scratch and you’re ready to pass the exam first-time, start working with our Ohio drivers education course today.

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