Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Virginia Permit Test in 2024

Completing a driver’s education program is mandatory for under 18s seeking to obtain a driver’s license in Richmond, Norfolk, Alexandria and all other Virginia cities. It is never too soon to start studying road rules, road signs and essential driving techniques, so why not get started right now? On this page, you will find a comprehensive drivers education course suitable for all 2024 driver’s license applicants. You are not required to sign-up or pay a penny to gain access to the course, as it is free and available for unlimited access! After each module, test your newly acquired knowledge with one of our authentic DMV practice tests.

All first-time drivers in the state of Virginia must apply for and obtain a learner’s permit prior to a full driver’s license. The learner’s permit will enable you to practice driving under the supervision of a licensed adult, before sitting your final road skills DMV test. Under 18-year olds who are applying for a permit must provide parental permission and a certificate of enrollment on a state-approved driver’s education course. Before reaching this stage however, you will need to study for the 35-question Virginia permit test. Every applicant must pass this DMV written test to evidence their understanding of road rules, road signs and basic driving techniques, before they can start learning to drive on public roadways. In preparation for this assessment, you should work your way through our free driver’s ed program and read about each topic in the Virginia DMV handbook as you go along. Our course covers every major topic in detail, though there may be some state-specific information relevant to certain subjects that can only be found in the official driving manual.

Virginia teenagers may not apply for a full driver’s license until they are at least 16 years and three months old and have obtained a certificate of completion, indicating that the have successfully concluded a state-licensed drivers education program. That program must include classroom study amounting to at least 36 periods (a period being defined as 50 minutes) and 14 periods of practical training, half of which must be observation and half of which must be behind-the-wheel learning. While state-approved driver’s ed is mandatory, you do not need to wait until the start of your program to begin learning about driving theory and the Highway Transportation System. Just like your classroom course, this drivers ed program deals with defensive driving, drug and alcohol awareness, road rage, roadway scanning techniques, identifying hazards, speed awareness and driving in different environments. Working through this course now will make obtaining your learner’s permit easier, help you to engage better with your classroom driver’s education course and allow you to practice your driving skills confidently and safely.

This driver’s education course for Virginia learners is broken down into core modules, each of which deals with a primary aspect of your driver’s training, such defensive driving, complex driving environments, driving in hazardous conditions and basic vehicle maintenance. As the course is entirely open access, you can return to it as often as you need, from any computer or mobile device with access to the internet. When you have your learner’s permit and are getting comfortable in the driver’s seat, you may find it useful to return to specific how-to guides in the course before going out to practice your driving skills. This will ensure you get the greatest benefit from your time spent behind-the-wheel!

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