Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Wisconsin Permit Test in 2024

There are few milestones in life more exciting than being awarded your first learner driver’s permit. To earn your driving privileges, you must prove your knowledge of road rules, road signs, traffic laws, defensive driving, collision evasion techniques, driving in hazardous conditions, alcohol awareness and various other essential theory topics. In Wisconsin, your journey will begin with the 50-question DMV written test. To prepare you for that mammoth assessment and your subsequent behind-the-wheel practice, our team have created this free, all-inclusive driver’s education course. Unlike most drivers ed courses, this program can be accessed instantly on any mobile device, whenever and wherever you need it.

Applying for your learner’s permit will mean taking a parent or guardian and a whole host of age and residency evidence to the DMV office. You can find full details of the documents required on the WI DMV website. Before you go rushing off to pick up the forms, you will need to prepare for the 50-question general knowledge permit test. The DMV will not let you loose behind the wheel of a multi-ton vehicle – even with supervision – until they are certain you understand basic road rules and can recognize road signs. Completing a state-approved drivers ed course is a compulsory part of the application process when you wish to progress to a probationary license. That course will cover rules of the road and road signs along with various other important topics, and must include at least 30 hours of classroom instruction, six hours of behind-the-wheel practice and six hours of driving observation. As you will not embark on your state-mandated driver’s ed until after you’ve already got your learner’s permit, you will need other resources to help you prepare for the 2024 Wisconsin learner’s permit test in the meantime. This is where our free, online driver’s education program comes in.

Just like the classroom-based drivers ed course you will take later, this program addresses your driving responsibilities, drug and alcohol awareness, driver fatigue, essential driving maneuvers, braking, steering and acceleration techniques, driving in different environments and everything else you must know to operate a vehicle on public roadways without supervision from a licensed adult. We have organized these core subjects into manageable lessons which you are free to revisit as often as you feel is necessary. You will also benefit from a whole lot of bonus information not found inn the WI driving manual! Our driver’s education course is bursting with incredible images, interesting facts and essential safety tips, all designed to help you become a confident and conscientious driver. Learn how to care for your vehicle, avoid getting traffic citations and what to do in an emergency, all without setting foot in a classroom or paying a penny!

Our teen driver’s education course is suitable for learners from Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay and every other Wisconsin city, as the same traffic laws apply across the state. As you work though the course, we strongly recommend reviewing each main topic in the WI permit book before moving on to the next section. Occasionally, there are state-specific laws in the driving manual which have not been included on our program. When you’re ready to test what you’ve learned during your driver’s ed, go check out our impressive range of authentic Wisconsin permit practice test quizzes. Just like the driver’s education course, every quiz we provide is free!

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