Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Colorado Permit Test in 2024

You can get instant access to an all-inclusive driver’s education course for 2024 permit applicants, without having to travel or even move out of your chair! Our free drivers ed course for Colorado learners starts right here on this page and is exclusively online based. In preparation for your 25-question Colorado DMV permit test and subsequent driver’s training, you will also need a current copy of the state’s official driving handbook, which is available on the DMV website. Road rules, road signs, defensive driving, alcohol awareness, hazardous environments, mountain driving are all explored across the course of our program, using clear language and helpful illustrations. Are you ready to start learning?

Working through a complete drivers ed course is essential for all new drivers, though in Colorado, taking some form of driver’s education is compulsory for under 16-year olds. The younger you are when you begin the licensing process, the more driver’s education is required of you. This system may sound complex, but don’t worry, we’re here to talk you through it. Colorado teens who are under 15.5 years old must complete a 30-hour state-licensed driver education course, in order to qualify for an instructional permit. If you are under 16.5 years old when applying for your full, minor’s driving license, you will also have to complete 6 hours of practical driver’s ed with a qualified driving instructor and provide evidence of this with your application. At this stage, you must also submit a signed driving log to demonstrate you have practiced your behind-the-wheel skills for at least 50 hours (ten hours of which must be at night). The DMV understand that reaching a qualified instructor can be challenging if you do not live in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora or another city district. To make things easier for rural applicants, the 6 hours of practical instruction can be replaced by an additional 12 hours of behind-the-wheel practice, if you live more then 30 miles from the nearest certified driving school.

Colorado students who apply for their instruction permit after 15.5 years old may choose to substitute the 30-hour drivers ed course for a 4-hour driver awareness class. Note that the 30-hour driver’s ed program must have been completed within the last six months of the application – regardless of your age. Once you turn 16, state-mandated driver education is no longer compulsory. While it may not be a legal requirement, taking driver’s education prior to obtaining your learner’s permit and getting on the road is incredibly important. Learning to become a safe and competent driver will take far more than memorizing a few road rules and road signs. You must develop efficient roadway scanning skills to detect potential hazards, learn how to adjust your behavior in different driving environments and practice defensive driving techniques. Even if you are taking a state-licensed driver’s ed course, 30 hours of instruction is not enough to completely get to grips with these concepts. Using our free, online drivers education course for Colorado teens, you can revisit this material as often as necessary while practicing your driving skills.

When the time comes to apply for your minor’s driving license, you will need to sit a road skills test with a DMV driving instructor or provide evidence that you have already passed such an exam with an accredited driving school. Road skills tests vary around the state, but they generally include backing up, making turns, emergency maneuvers and parking. Our Colorado driver’s ed course includes step-by-step guides, tips, common mistakes and illustrations, to help you practice each of these essential maneuvers.

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