Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Arizona Permit Test in 2024

Welcome to our complete driver’s education course for Arizona teens and adults. Before you apply for your learner’s permit at the DOT office and start learning to drive, you will need to study rules of the road, road sign meanings, defensive driving techniques, traffic laws, vehicle control and alcohol awareness. The drivers ed course on this page covers each of these topics in detail – and much more besides! Built to accompany the information in the 2024 AZ driver’s handbook, this course will bring you up-to-speed on essential driving theory in no time. It’s fast, effective and 100% free for all permit applicants!

Teenagers from Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale and elsewhere in Arizona have two options to meet the requirements for a Class G driver’s license. Once you have passed the 30-question DMV permit test and acquired your learner’s permit, you can legally begin driving under the supervision of a licensed adult. Having held the permit for six months or longer, you may then apply for a full Class G license. To be eligible for a graduated license, teen driving students must either show a certificate of completion from a state-approved driver’s ed course, or evidence that they have engaged in 30 hours of practical driver’s training with a licensed parent or guardian. To prove this, your parent or guardian will need to sign your application forms at the DMV office. Keep in mind that 10 hours of this practice time must be completed after sunset.

For many teen license applicants, learning with a parent is more appealing that engaging a professional instructor. If you choose to go down this route, you must seek alternative ways to acquire a well-rounded driver’s education. A state-mandated driver’s education course will include at least 30 hours of classroom instruction, covering essential driving topics such as maneuvering techniques, drug and alcohol awareness, vehicle maintenance and emergency collision avoidance. Choosing not to pay for a state-licensed course means that you are responsible for studying this material on your own. If this is what you intend to do, you can find most of the basic information you need in the AZ driving manual and use our teen drivers education course to work through each topic in detail.

As for your practical driving tuition, consider the reality that your parent or guardian may have developed unsafe driving habits or may not be fully up-to-speed with 2024 traffic laws and current defensive driving techniques. This does not necessarily mean that they are not fit to teach you, it simply means that you must ensure you are not picking up their bad habits and are learning how to execute essential driving maneuvers in accordance with current safety guidelines. Our Arizona driver’s ed course has you covered in this respect. Every essential driving maneuver you must learn - including backing-up, parking, making turns, acceleration and braking – is broken down into step-by-step guides and illustrated with helpful diagrams. You can work through each module of the drivers ed course in order, then hop back to relevant sections to brush up, before each behind-the-wheel practice session. It is important that you have learned the correct way to execute these maneuvers by the time you come to seek out your full Class G license, as you will be expected to perform them with an examiner during your practical DOT road test.

Our AZ driver’s ed course is free to access from any internet ready device – so why not check it out right now? When you tire of studying, take a break to work on one of our 2024 permit practice test quizzes. When you can pass all our tests, you will know you are ready for the real DMV written exam!

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