When it comes to preparing for the drivers permit test, drivers manual is your Bible. All kidding aside. The learner's permit test is always based on the information provided in the handbook, be that the test in California or New York, Seattle or Salt Lake City. The DMV ALWAYS includes everything you need to know to pass the exam into the manual and there is simply no reason for you not to read it. Taking a FREE practice permit test is a great way to study, but if you want the best possible results, make sure to use them TOGETHER with the book and not as a stand-alone source of information.

Some students choose to go ahead and take the permit test without ever reading the book.  When asked why, the usual answer is that there is simply no way to remember so much information!  It is true, the drivers manual can be somewhat overwhelming, since it covers so much more than you need to know for your learner's permit test.  Insurance requirements, DMV contacts, vehicle registration steps...  Why study all of this now if you are not being tested on it during your exam?  We believe you are right and that is why we have gone through all state drivers handbook and have outlined the chapters that you really do need to read for your driver's permit test.  We have done all the hard work for you, so there no reason not to grab that handbook and quickly go through the chapters that really matter!

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