Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Alaska Permit Test in 2024

Learning to drive safely, legally and confidently is as much about theory education as it is about practicing your skills in the driver’s seat. Take the free, comprehensive driver’s education course for Alaska applicants we provide, to make sure you have all the knowledge required to master basic maneuvers, stay on the right side of the law and navigate the Highway Transportation System safely. This drivers ed program is built to work in conjunction with the AK DMV handbook and includes every essential subject, from rules of the road and road signs to defensive driving and roadway scanning techniques.

Teenage license applicants in Alaska must begin their driving journey by obtaining a learner’s permit from their local DMV office in Anchorage, Fairbanks or Juneau. You will need to provide a permission form signed by a parent or guardian, evidence of your identity and proof of your residence in Alaska. Once these documents have been submitted, you must pass the 20-question AK DMV permit test, which covers rules of the road, road signs and alcohol awareness. Passing with a score of 80% or higher will win you a learner’s permit. Then, you are free to start practicing your driving skills on public roads under the supervision of a licensed adult. We will discuss the next steps shortly, but for now, let’s focus on preparing for the DMV written test. All the basic information you need can be found in the driving manual, which is available for free PDF download from the DMV website. Working with this Alaska drivers education course will make sure you have correctly understood everything in the manual that will be addressed during the exam. In addition to the driver’s ed course, we provide a range of free DMV practice tests which can be used to measure your progress and gain experience in answering real permit test questions.


While you hold an instructional permit, all the driving practice you engage in must be supervised by a qualified adult. To drive unattended, you must provide evidence of your practice to the DMV and pass a road skills examination. The test administrator will ride along side you and tell you where to drive, while monitoring your performance to ensure you can handle different driving situations and execute basic maneuvers safely. Our Alaska driver’s education course will be an invaluable resource in the months and weeks leading up to that test. We will teach you how to identify risks in different driving environments, adjust your behavior based on changes in roadway conditions, scan the roadway for hazards, share the road with other people and observe proper right of way rules. Safety is the focus of this drivers ed course and must be the focus of your practice, as this is what the DMV examiner will be grading you on during the test. It does not matter how “skilled” you are as a driver; if your actions create dangerous situations, you will fail the assessment. Using step-by-step guides, pictures and helpful hints, our driver’s ed course will make sure you can make turns, park, use intersections and control your speed, safely.


So, what evidence of practice will you need to submit to the DMV when applying for your driver’s license. In many states, completion of a driver’s education course serves as proof of practice. Here in Alaska, you must provide a practice log signed by a parent, guardian or employer which shows you have completed 40 hours of driving practice, including ten hours in poor conditions. As you are not bound to enroll on a state-licensed program, you can gain all the driving knowledge you need with our free, online drivers education course!

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