Drivers Education to Help You Pass The North Dakota Permit Test in 2023

The best way to learn about rules of the road, road signs, defensive driving techniques, alcohol awareness and other essential driving theory topics, is to complete a reputable driver’s education course. Here on, we provide a free drivers ed course for North Dakota license applicants, which is accessible right here on this page! We start by introducing you to the importance of driver’s ed and understanding your responsibilities as a United States road user, the move on to addressing traffic laws, driving skills and everything else you must know while practicing for the road skills test.

Regardless of age, all first-time drivers in Bismarck, Fargo, Minot and every other North Dakota city must start the license application process by preparing for the 25-question DMV permit test. Passing this assessment with a score of 20 correct answers or more proves that you have sufficient basic driving knowledge to start practicing with supervision from a licensed over 21-year old. One you have studied for this assessment using the ND DMV handbook and our 2023 drivers education course, you may wish to use a permit practice test from our website to gain experience answering genuine permit test questions. Like this driver’s ed course, the DMV practice tests we provide are all 100% free to use.

Not sure where to begin in studying for the ND DMV written test? If you are completely new to driver’s education, we recommend starting by working through each module of our course in order. Then, you can return to essential chapters such as “Signs, Signals & Markings” and “Rules of the Road” to fine-tune your knowledge, as these are the topics which will account for most of the questions on the multiple-choice test. Having passed the permit test, you will need to provide a signed parent permission form with proof of residence and identify, to be awarded your learner’s permit.

What happens next in the licensing process depends on your age. Teenagers under 16 years old are legally required to complete a state-mandated driver’s education course which includes 30 hours of classroom study via their school and six hours of behind-the-wheel training with their school instructor, or with a certified driving instructor from a private drivers ed school. For older applicants, taking classroom-based driver’s education is not compulsory, which means you can get all the information you need, totally free of charge, with our flexible, online driver’s education course. First-time drivers who are required to take Highway Patrol-approved drivers ed can still use this course to supplement their learning plan, as it offers access to important information, guides and learning tools, outside the classroom environment. This will come in very handy when you’re out practicing your driving skills with a parent or guardian.

Any time spent practicing your driving skills under supervision must be used wisely. To achieve your driver’s license, you will need to prove you can manage different driving environments and execute basic maneuvers safely, by passing the ND road skills test. During the run-up to this assessment, you will need to practice driving through intersections, on multi-lane roadways and rural highways, through business districts, and as many other different situations as possible. Furthermore, you must practice making turns, parking, backing-up and controlling your speed. We have included pictures, tips and step-by-step guides to accompany each of these key learning points, on this North Dakota drivers education course. You are free to return to different lessons as often as you like, just make sure you pull over and park the vehicle before using your cellphone!

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