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Who We Are - ePermitTest.com

Who we are

EPermitTest.com is a company that was born out of necessity. We incorporate the reliability of the old methods of driver education with newer teaching methods, technology, and technique to achieve the best results. Our goal is to offer engaging, fun, student-centered online driver's education and other young driver's education materials to help students obtain their first driver's license or improve their driving ability. Our training methods and their efficiency ensure that car insurance premiums can be reduced and our students avoid losing their licenses due to outstanding driving violations.

According to an article by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 8 percent of all licensed drivers involved in fatal crashes are between 15 and 18 years old, and motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death for this age group. We at EPermitTest.com believe that it is unacceptable that such a high percentage of young drivers are liable to fatal crashes due to how inadequate the driving education that they received was. We want to build a driver's education company that relies not on the old methods but the latest recommendations by the NHTSA. We understand that every individual is different, and everyone required teaching methods tailored towards them, and that is exactly what we do. We came up with a young driver's education system that includes hands-on approaches, parental involvement, health, and safety education, worked examples solutions and problem-solving exercises, a combination of graphics with verbal descriptions, and most of all, actual permit test questions.

At EPermitTest.com, we believe that every student is entitled to an opportunity to enjoying the learning process of driving, and at an affordable rate, of course. This is why we ensure that our young drivers' education comprises elements that make it fun, engaging, student-centered, and safe while being effective in every way possible. Oh, and did we mention that most of our materials are completely free?


Why we do what we do

EPermitTest.com was built to propel the change in young drivers' education in the right direction. We believe that everyone should be able to learn how to drive regardless of how young they start learning. We understand that the world has changed, and we are willing to change with it. This is why we prefer to make the learning environment fun, engaging, and student-centered while being effective to every young driver. Our training courses are built based on the new recommendations of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

How we achieve our results is simple. We use the latest learning technologies, driving techniques, and the best instructors. Our method ensures that our students are prepared to take the driver's knowledge exam, but beyond that, they can perform excellently in the real world too.

Here is a bullet point of our belief system:

  1. We believe that the young drivers' education should be fun, engaging, student-centered, and effective in the real world. It should be more than just passing an exam; it should be about what matters most- driving. 
  2. We believe that customer service doesn't stop or start at the desk of a receptionist. It continues in the classroom as well. 
  3. We believe that the learning process for anything should be simple and accessible, and that is exactly what we did with our young drivers' education program.

Our students

Our platform

The beauty of our platform lies in its design, consideration, and effectiveness. To ensure that our students get nothing but the best from our drivers' education program, we have spent countless hours reviewing numerous online education platforms, drivers ed, defensive driving and traffic school programs. We have taken the time to design our platform to match our driving program's requirements and the needs of our students while adhering to the standards of CA DMV and the Driving School Association of Americas (DSAA).

With the help of the brightest minds in technologies such as web platform development, and curriculum design, we have been able to create a learning platform that can only be described as incredible. Our young drivers' online education course employs the benefits of an online course and the effectiveness of a well-designed online platform to create experiences for our students that are fun, engaging, and effective in the 'real world.'

It doesn't stop at the platform design. We take it even further by providing our students with handbooks to go with the course. All driver handbooks presented on the website appear exactly as they are published by the corresponding state authorities and can also be obtained from the DMV.

Here is what you can expect from our system:

  1. Complete accessibility on desktop and mobile with no disparity between the two platforms.
  2. A fun, engaging, and effective learning experience incorporates all the modern elements of teaching into a subject as practical as driving.
  3. Interactive DMV practice tests featuring various driving situations in problems with solutions formats that allow for an immersive learning experience.

Quality control and updates

The reliability of our lessons lies in the creative process. Every content uploaded to our website is triple-checked for accuracy, compliance, effectiveness, and relatability to ensure that our students have a seamless learning experience. Also, our platform is designed in such a way that every live material has a button that allows for reporting issues, asking questions, and making suggestions. We are strong believers in the feedback process, so we encourage our students to provide us with feedback and suggestions for improvements. Every new addition due to suggestions or complaints goes through a quality assurance process to ensure that every content uploaded stays true to our method and style to ensure that it passes every quality test before it is uploaded.

We maintain a constant system of reviews to keep our courses and DMV practice tests current and updated with the latest road rules and traffic laws. The road to perfection is a continuous process, which is why we constantly work on testing and adding new features to the course and our online platform to make it more useful to students. We do this by applying the latest achievements of the online education industry to our online platform and coming up with innovations.

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