Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Rhode Island Permit Test in 2024

Don’t wait to start learning about rules of the road, road signs and other driving theory topics. You can start studying for the driver’s license exams right now, with the free driver’s education course for Rhode Island applicants on this page! Every essential topic covered in the RI DMV handbook is explored in full, during this drivers ed course. Designed to help you prepare for the DMV written test and classroom-based drivers ed, this program explains everything using plain language, clear imagery and helpful hints. Are you ready to get your hands on that learner’s permit?

Applying for your teen provisional driver’s license in Newport, Providence or any other Rhode Island city means that taking a drivers education course is compulsory. In a bid to reduce the number of careless, risk-taking drivers on the road, driver’s education has been made a legal requirement for teenage applicants in most states around the US. Teenage drivers and novice drivers are two of the most at-risk groups of road users. In completing a driver’s ed course, you will learn about defensive driving techniques, roadway scanning techniques, alcohol awareness, sharing the road, driver responsibilities and various other vital safety topics that will help stop your age and inexperience behind-the-wheel putting you at risk. While driver’s education is not mandatory for first-time adult applicants in Rhode Island, it is still recommended that new drivers of all ages complete a reputable program before taking to the roads unattended. As adult learners are not required to take state-mandated driver’s ed, our 2024 drivers education program will be the only learning resource you need – besides the RI driver’s handbook – in the run-up to your driving test.

Teenagers as young as 15 years and ten months old can enroll on a driver’s education course, providing they have already achieved a learner’s permit. Successful completion of the course would then qualify you to apply for a provisional driver’s license as early as your 16th birthday. The teen driver’s education course you sign up to must include at least 33 hours of classroom education, with a qualified driver’s ed tutor. As this state-licensed drivers ed will not take place until the second stage of the licensing process, you will need alternative driver’s ed materials to help you prepare for the initial 50-question DMV written test. Our RI drivers ed course is the perfect tool to train you up, ready for that assessment. Plus, it covers everything you will later learn during the classroom-based course. By the time you come to take the course, you will be so well-versed in essential driving topics like hazardous conditions, vehicle maintenance and different driving environments, that passing the final drivers ed exam will be easy.

Completing driver’s education is not the only challenge you will face in pursuit of a provisional license. In order to drive without the supervision of a licensed adult, you must first pass a practical driving skills road test with a DMV instructor. During this test, the instructor will monitor your behavior as you drive through different roadway environments and test your proficiency at performing various basic maneuvers. The “Driving Maneuvers” chapter of our drivers ed course details everything you must know to pass that assessment, including steering techniques, acceleration and braking, emergency stops, performing turns, parking and driving through intersections. As the course is free and open access for all Rhode Island learners, you can return to each section of this module as often as necessary while practicing your skills. When you are done with our driver’s education course, why not check out one of our free DMV practice permit tests?

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