Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Idaho Permit Test in 2024

Our teen driver’s education courses for Idaho learners will help you prepare for the 40-question DMV permit test and fine-tune your driving skills. Unlike classroom-based drivers education programs, this fantastic learner-focused course is totally free for all aspiring drivers to use. All the information you will need throughout your entire learning journey is included on the course, including rules of the road, road signs, violations and penalties, defensive driving, alcohol awareness, hazardous conditions, vehicle control techniques and much more! Besides our driver’s ed course, the only other resource you need is a 2024 copy of the Idaho DMV permit book. Are you ready to start learning?

If you will be applying for a graduated license in Boise, Coeur d’Alene or any other Idaho city, it is important to know that taking driver’s education is not optional for teen drivers under 17 years old. You do not need to take driver’s ed prior to obtaining an instruction permit, though you will need to provide a certificate of completion when applying for your level two license, which would enable you to drive unattended. In accordance with Idaho law, the drivers ed course you take must include no less than 30 hours of classroom study, six hours of driving observation and six hours of practical driving time. While 30 hours in a classroom may sound like a lot, keep in mind that there is an awful lot of information to cover in that time. You will need to study defensive driving techniques, traffic laws, basic vehicle maintenance, driver impairment, road rage avoidance, driving in different environments, roadway scanning techniques and countless other safety related topics. If you think you can snooze your way through driver’s ed, think again. At the end of the course, you must pass a general knowledge assessment to prove you have taken on-board the information.

Our point here is that you will need all the help you can get in preparation for the permit test, the road skills test and the driver’s education course itself! Our free drivers ed course is the perfect resource to back you up and reinforce your new knowledge during this time. We deal with all the same major topics that are addressed during the Idaho driver’s education program and the DMV handbook. Unlike the classroom-based course, our program explains everything in detail, using easily understood language and clear illustrations. Perhaps most importantly, this teen drivers ed course is designed to be flexible. You can work through each module at your own pace and return to different sections as many times as you like! This will be incredibly useful when the time comes to start practicing essential driving maneuvers like parking, backing-up and making turns. Before you perform a maneuver, use your smart phone or tablet to return to the related step-by-step guide, tips and diagrams on our drivers education course. This will ensure you are learning to execute these maneuvers using the correct techniques and safety procedures. The DMV examiner will mark your performance based on these factors during the Idaho road skills driving test.

Driver’s license applicants who are over 17 years old are not required to submit a certificate of completion from an Idaho driver’s education course to support their other documentation. Keep in mind that taking drivers ed is still essential, especially for under 21-year old learners and younger adults. Turning 17 does not mean you automatically acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to stay safe on our roads. It simply means that driver’s education is something you are responsible for during your own time. Fortunately, everything you need to school yourself in driver safety can be found on this Idaho driver’s ed course and the official DMV handbook.

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