Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Indiana Permit Test in 2024

Our free driver’s education course for Indiana learners is suitable for students of all ages and has been built in accordance with the information in the 2024 BMV permit book – your learner driver’s bible. As we believe road safety in the United States depends on all drivers having access to a comprehensive drivers ed program, this course is 100% free for all learners to use and does not have to be completed within a set time limit. Whenever you need support throughout your learner driver’s journey, our drivers education course will be here to guide your studies.

Taking a state-mandated driver’s education course is a legal requirement for teen drivers in some states, though not in others. Here in Indiana, you may only apply for a learner’s permit at age 15 if you are currently enrolled on a drivers education course. Otherwise, you must wait until aged 16 or over to be eligible for a permit. Acquiring your first license at any age will also mean passing the 50-question Indiana BMV permit test and a vision test. Holding an IN learner’s permit qualifies you to begin learning to driver under the supervision of a blood-relative or legal guardian who is fully-licensed and over 25 years old. You may not drive without supervision until you have achieved a full probationary license.

How and when you can apply for a probationary license will largely be determined by whether you have completed a state-licensed driver’s education course. Teen applicants who are 16 years and 90 days old and can provide a certificate of completion from an approved drivers ed provider may apply for a probationary license, if they have accrued at least 50 hours of supervised driving time. Without state-licensed driver’s education, teen applicants must wait until they are 16 years and 270 days old. If you want to get your full driver’s license sooner, drivers education is the answer. Any certificate of completion which you submit to the BMV office must be from course which includes 30 hours of classroom time and at least 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.

Taking a driver’s education course – either state-licensed or private – is really a no brainer. In order to get your hands on a probationary license and begin driving on your own, you will need to pass a road skills test at your local BMV center. During this assessment, the examiner will ask you to perform essential maneuvers like driving in reverse, parallel parking and making a U-turn. If you can demonstrate that you can perform these maneuvers confidently and safely, you will be awarded your license. Keep in mind that seemingly minor mistakes on your road skills test can result in a fail, if they in any way create a dangerous situation. Our Indiana drivers ed course will talk you through every essential maneuver using easy-to-follow steps and clear images, so you’re ready to perform well on the day of your exam. We also include common mistakes with each how-to guide, to help you avoid simple errors that could cost you your license.

A great deal of the information covered in this complete driver’s education program for Indiana residents will be addressed during the initial 50-question permit test. Even if you choose to book on to a state-licensed driver’s education classroom course, you will not have taken any lessons by the time you come to taking the BMV written test. To make sure you’re well versed in road rules, road signs and other essential driver’s theory before sitting that assessment, we recommend reading the official driving manual, completing our driver’s ed course and reinforcing your new knowledge with our free BMV practice tests.

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