T Intersections
T-intersection is a three-way junction where three roads come together. Just like with any other intersection, you must exercise caution when approaching it and you should slow down and watch out for other traffic and pedestrians even if you are traveling on the through road and have the right-of-way.

T intersection road sign

Intersection Ahead Road sign

Most of T-intersections have a T-INTERSECTION warning sign installed on approaches to the intersection to warn drivers that the road they are traveling on does not continue straight through the intersection. It is one of the intersection road signs that tell you what type of the intersection you are approaching so you can exercise extra caution and prepare to slow down, if necessary.

Right-of-way rules at a T-intersection

Right of Way At Uncontrolled T Intersections

At an uncontrolled T intersection, the driver on the street which ends must yield the right-of-way to vehicles and pedestrians on the cross street.

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