Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Kansas Permit Test in 2024

When you are ready to start learning about rules of the road, road signs, vehicle control, traffic law and other essential driving-related topics, use the Kansas driver’s education course on this page to support your work with the official driving manual. Everything you must know to pass the DMV permit test, prepare for the road skills test and obtain an unrestricted driving license is included in this fantastic, free course. It is available for unrestricted access and is suitable for all 2024 license applicants from Wichita, Topeka, Kansas City and elsewhere in the state. Are you ready to start learning?

As you should be aware, learner drivers in Kansas are required to pass a general knowledge permit test when applying for their initial instruction permit and level two driving license. Though, it should be noted that passing a state-accredited drivers ed course allows you to waive the first DMV written test when obtaining your permit. Our driver’s ed program for teen and adult drivers will teach you about road rules, road signs, alcohol awareness and every other major topic that is addressed during the DMV permit test. If you partner this student-focused drivers education program with the official Kansas permit book, passing the general knowledge assessment will be a walk in the park.

Of course, the impending permit tests are not the only reason you need to study driving theory. Holding a driver’s license is an amazing privilege but also, a big responsibility. The Highway Transportation System is a hazardous place; thousands of people are killed in road traffic collisions every year in this state alone! The only way to improve road safety is to ensure that all drivers understand the risks they face and have the necessary skills to mitigate those risks in every roadway situation. Our Kansas driver’s education course includes dedicated modules for essential safety topics, like defensive driving, driving in hazardous conditions, drug and alcohol awareness, driver responsibility and driving in different roadway environments. Working through each of these modules will ensure you know how to stay safe while driving under supervision and in the years to come, when you have achieved an unrestricted license.

In Kansas, instruction permit holders who are younger than 16 years old and are seeking to obtain their first restricted license must complete a state-approved driver’s education program. This will involve studying driver’s ed topics via a licensed online course or in a classroom setting, then passing a final assessment with a score of 80% or above. If the school you choose to learn with is private (not run by the state), you will also need to log eight hours of classroom study time in order to receive a certificate of completion. Our teen driver’s ed course is the perfect flexible learning resource to accompany your state-licensed drivers ed, as you can access it anywhere using a smart phone, tablet or similar internet-enabled device. The pass requirements for the state-licensed driver’s education program are strict but with a little extra help from our free course, you can make sure you get through it first time.

When applying for your restricted license which will allow you to drive unsupervised, you will be expected to pass a road skills test with a DMV examiner. This test is designed to assess your driving behavior in a variety of different settings and check that you can perform basic maneuvers safely. We recommend using the “Driving Maneuvers” module of this Kansas driver’s education course to help you prepare for that assessment.

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