Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Mississippi Permit Test in 2024

Completing a driver’s education course is not a compulsory part of the licensing process for teens and adults in the state of Mississippi. As you are not required to take a classroom-based course, your drivers education is essentially your responsibility. You must learn about rules of the road, road signs, driving risks, safe driving practices, alcohol awareness and various other essential topics, to become a safe and responsible motorist. The free driver’s ed course for Mississippi teens and adults on this page covers all this information and much more, including dedicated chapters to help you study for the 2024 DPS permit test.

Mississippi residents must be at least 15 years old before applying to the DPS for an initial learner’s permit. You may apply for a permit and start learning to drive at aged 14, though this will require proof of enrollment on a state-licensed driver’s education course. You may wish to go down this route if your high school offers optional drivers ed courses, but keep in mind that it will only qualify you to operate a vehicle when engaged in lessons with your certified driving instructor. All other learner’s permit holders aged 15 or older may drive while supervised by any licensed over 21-year old who is riding in the front passenger seat. Though, any person other than a parent, guardian or older sibling must seek permission from your legal guardian to supervise your learning.

The fact that the Mississippi DPS has not yet made driver’s education compulsory does not mean that it is fine to start driving without it. Effective driver education is understood to be one of this country’s greatest weapons against traffic-related injuries and fatalities. In most states, taking drivers ed is mandatory for underage applicants. It is likely that the rules will one day be changed for under 18s seeking their driver’s license in Jackson, Hattiesburg and other Mississippi cities. In the meantime, teen drivers in this state are responsible for seeking out and completing a reputable driver’s education course themselves. Fortunately, this does not need to be difficult, costly or boring. Our driver’s ed course for 2024 applicants does not cost a cent to use and is packed full of useful information, student support and brilliant illustrations. You are free to work through the entire course in a couple of days or spread your learning out over a longer period. Whichever approach you choose, there is no limit to the number of times you can access the drivers ed course or revisit specific modules. It makes the ultimate, flexible learning tool.

The MS learner’s permit test features 30 multiple-choice questions, which primarily focus on rules of the road, road signs and alcohol awareness. All student drivers must be in possession of a valid learner’s permit before they can start practicing their driving skills on public roads. To get ready for this assessment, we recommend using the “Signs, Signals & Markings”, “Rules of the Road” and “Impaired Driving” modules from the MS teen drivers ed course. You may also need to look up some state-specific traffic laws in the Mississippi driving manual. To ensure you have absorbed and understood the information on our course correctly, we suggest using our MS DPS practice permit test to put your new knowledge to the test. Built to be just like the real permit test, our DPS practice quizzes can show you whether you have what it takes to pass.

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