Drivers Education to Help You Pass The North Carolina Permit Test in 2024

Take the first step towards becoming a fully qualified driver, by starting our North Carolina driver’s education course today! There is no better place to begin your learning journey, as this free, flexible course covers rules of the road, road signs, traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, essential vehicle controls and all the other information you will need to start driving under supervision. Completing our 2024 drivers ed course will help you pass the DOT permit test and give you confidence, when the time comes to hop into the driver’s seat. Shall we get started?

Compliments of the team here at, this NC drivers education course is available for unlimited access, totally free of charge. Like the official DOT driver manual, our course is suitable for all North Carolina applicants, whether your local testing office is in Greensboro, Charlotte or Raleigh. The program is also designed to be used by both teenage and adult driver’s license applicants. Though driver’s education is not a legal requirement for over 18s, you should still work your way through a course to make sure you are equipped to begin driving safely. As being an adult means you do not have to enroll in a state-licensed program, our free driver’s education course is the only study support you will need to accompany the official DOT manual.

As teen drivers face increased risk while learning to drive, they are required to jump through a few extra hoops when making their initial permit application. If you are aged 15 to 17 years old, you will need to take a state-mandated driver’s education course in addition to passing the standard knowledge and road sign NC permit test. The state-mandated course must include 30 hours of classroom tutoring plus six hours of driver’s training with a qualified instructor. Having completed the course, you must take your signed certificate of completion to the DOT office – along with your other documents – to apply for your Level 1 learner’s permit. Students will not be awarded a certificate of completion unless they pass a final knowledge exam, to prove they have understood everything covered during the drivers ed program. We strongly recommend using this free driver’s education course to give yourself a head start and support your learning throughout the classroom-based course. Driver’s education goes far beyond memorizing road signs and road rules. Even with 30 hours of classroom time, you will need all the help you can get!

Fortunately, you do not have to go far to find high-quality study support. This driver’s education course has been built by our learning experts, using information from 2024 driving handbooks. You will also need the official North Carolina driving manual to prepare you for driver’s ed and the DOT permit test, as it will include state-specific details which may not be addressed during the course. If you have already scanned through the handbook, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed at the volume of information it contains! Don’t worry – our teen driver’s education course for NC students is about to make things a whole lot easier. Every essential drivers ed topic is explored in detail, using easily understood language, step-by-step guides and brilliant images. The information is organized into manageable modules and sub-sections, designed to gradually build up your driving knowledge as you work through the course. While the course is most effective when worked through in order, you are free to revisit previously covered chapters or skip ahead, when you need to find specific information. When you want to test what you have learned from this drivers education course, why not try one of our realistic DOT permit practice tests for NC learners?

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