Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Louisiana Permit Test in 2024

Set yourself on the path to becoming a Class E driver’s license holder in Louisiana, with our 2024 teen driver’s education course. This comprehensive program makes studying for your permit and license easy, as all the information you need is easily accessible in one place and explored across manageable, learner-focused lessons. When you need to begin studying rules of the road, road signs and other driving general knowledge in preparation for the Louisiana OMV permit test, our drivers ed course makes the perfect learning tool to support the official driver’s handbook. As the course is free to use, learners can access it as often as necessary in the run up to the driver’s license exams.

For Louisiana permit and license applicants who are under 18 years old, passing a driver’s education course is compulsory. The program you enroll on may be conducted by your high school or by a private company, but it must be approved by the state of Louisiana to count towards your application. State-licensed courses include a minimum of 30 hours classroom instruction and eight hours of behind-the-wheel driving time with a qualified driving teacher. Driver’s license applicants who are over 18 years old may choose to take a standard state-licensed course or a six-hour pre-licensing classroom course, with eight hours of driving instruction. As taking state-mandated driver’s education is not mandatory for adults, over 18-year old applicants may choose to use our free drivers ed course instead. This would save you time, money and the hassle of attending a classroom course, without jeopardizing your driver’s training. While the Louisiana OMV considers the six-hour pre-licensing course a sufficient substitute, it is still advisable to engage in driver’s ed in your own time. There is a lot to learn on your journey to becoming a safe and conscientious driver. Arguably, more than can be comfortably covered during a six-hour course.

This Louisiana driver’s ed course covers all bases. We deal with the basic subjects you must learn in the run-up to the initial learner’s permit test, such as rules of the road, traffic laws, alcohol awareness and road sign meanings. Beyond this, we cover everything you must know to form safe driving habits, protect yourself from collisions and become a considerate user of the Highway Transportation System. This will include defensive driving strategies, roadway scanning techniques, road rage avoidance, driver fatigue, safe attitudes, driver responsibilities, responding to different environments and much more! The more you know about these issues, the easier your learner driver experience will be. Students from New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and elsewhere in Louisiana who are under 18 can use this free driver’s education program to prepare for their future classroom-based driver’s education. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can coast through the course without paying attention, as you will be required to pass a final assessment in order to be awarded a certificate of completion. Without that document, the OMV will not award you an intermediate license.

This online teen driver’s ed course offers something you will not get from a state-mandated classroom course. As our course will always be available to access via any internet enabled mobile device, you can revisit important lessons anywhere and any time you like. Before applying for an intermediate license, you will need to pass a driving skills exam with an OMV certified instructor. Practicing key driving skills such as backing up, parking and making turns is essential to passing this assessment. When you work on a maneuver with your parent or driving instructor, check out the associated step-by-step guide on our Louisiana drivers ed course first, to ensure you know exactly what you’re doing. Happy learning!

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