Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Oregon Permit Test in 2024

Studying rules of the road, road signs, safety procedures and driving skills with a reputable teen driver’s education program can help you get your hands on a provisional driver’s license in the shortest possible time. The free drivers ed course for Oregon students we provide covers all essential driving knowledge and makes the ultimate learning tool to use in conjunction with the DMV handbook. The sooner you get started on drivers education, the better. Our lessons will help you study for the initial 35-question permit test and prepare you for your second major assessment: the road skills driving test.

In many parts of the United States, teenagers are legally required to complete a state-mandated driver’s education program to qualify for a provisional license. In Portland, Salem, Eugene and every other Oregon city, taking state-licensed drivers ed is optional. However, being able to evidence a completed driver’s education course when putting in your license application will mean you need fewer hours of practice time on your driving log. Without state-licensed driver’s ed, teen license applicants must accrue at least 100 hours of supervised driving practice. A certificate of completion from an approved driver’s ed course will cut the required practice time in half, as it counts for 50 hours. Aside from this obvious advantage, taking a classroom-based driver’s education course is advisable, as it will ultimately result in you becoming a safer and more competent driver.

Whether you choose to take a classroom-based driver’s education program or not, working through our free, 2024 drivers ed course will accelerate your learning. Unlike the state-licensed course, our lessons can be accessed via any internet enabled mobile device, whenever and wherever you need them. This will come in handy if you want to study core topics like defensive driving, alcohol awareness, driving in different environments and road rage avoidance outside a classroom setting. Furthermore, this Oregon drivers ed course will prove to be an enormous asset when you start learning how to execute essential driving maneuvers under the supervision of a licensed adult. There are strict safety procedures to follow when driving in reverse, parallel parking, making turns and performing the other key driving skills which are assessed during the practice exam. Using our diagrams and step-by-step guides, you can make sure you’re learning these maneuvers the right way, from the very beginning of your training journey.

If you have not achieved your provisional permit yet, your first task should be studying Oregon rules of the road and road signs with the official DMV driving manual. Before you can be issued a permit, you must pass the DMV written test to prove you have the minimum acceptable level of knowledge to start learning to drive. While we strongly recommend that the Oregon driving manual is your primary resource in the run-up to the permit test, you can also use our driver’s education course to speed things along. Reading the manual can be a little hard going, but our course explores every essential topic using plain language and helpful images. “Signs, signals & markings” and “Rules of the road”, are the two modules you should spend most of your time on while studying. Don’t forget to double-check everything in our lessons against the information in the permit book. Then, why not try out one of our Oregon DMV permit practice tests, to find out how much you have learned. Like the driver’s ed program, the are totally free to use!

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