Drivers Education to Help You Pass The West Virginia Permit Test in 2023

Welcome to the home of our 2023 driver’s education course for first-time West Virginia drivers! Whether you are studying for the initial 25-question DMV permit test or practicing your driving skills in the run-up to the road exam, this course provides all the information you need to be successful. We begin by introducing you to your responsibilities as a driver and helping you get acquainted with your vehicle. Then, we’ll discuss defensive driving techniques, driving maneuvers, hazardous conditions, alcohol awareness, road signs, road rules and everything else you must know to become a safe and competent road user.

In many states, taking drivers education is a compulsory part of the licensing process for teenage applicants. It is a well-established fact that teen drivers are exposed to greater risk on public roadways and thus far more likely to be involved in fatal traffic collisions. A well-rounded driver’s ed course will help you to understand and mitigate the dangers you face while driving, increasing your safety and reducing the chances of an accident occurring. Drivers ed is our greatest weapon in the fight against disruption, injury and death on the Highway Transportation System. It is never too soon to begin learning about hazard perception, defensive driving and the risks you face in different roadway environments. Thanks to our free driver’s education program for West Virginia learners, you can get started right now.

In Charleston, Morgantown, Huntington and all other West Virginia cities, teenage drivers are not legally required to take a state-mandated drivers ed course in order to qualify for a graduated driver’s license. When submitting your license application forms, you simply need to evidence at least 50 hours of behind-the-wheel practice, under the supervision of a licensed adult. You will also need to prove general school enrollment. This evidence makes you eligible to take the road skills exam with a DMV instructor, which is the final assessment you must pass in order to receive your restricted license. Until you turn 17, you must still adhere to certain teen driver restrictions.

The fact that driver’s education is not mandatory does not mean you can get away with not studying essential safety issues, driving techniques and traffic laws; it simple affords you a greater degree of flexibility when doing so. You may choose to book and pay for a classroom-based driver’s ed program, or, you can learn everything you need to know free-of-charge, with this open access online course. If you are just starting out and have yet to take the West Virginia DMV written test, we recommend working through each module of the course in order. As road rules, alcohol awareness and road signs are the primary topics addressed during the permit test, you may wish to spend a little extra time focusing on these modules. To accompany this information on our teen drivers ed course, you will also need a current copy of the West Virginia driver’s handbook.

Students who are keen to earn their graduated license as soon as possible should begin practicing essential driving maneuvers in preparation for the road skills test, as soon as they receive an instruction permit. During the driving test, your DMV examiner will be checking to ensure you can safely perform turns, park in different situations, control your speed, use intersections and drive in reverse. Our West Virginia driver’s ed course will talk you through each of these essential skills using step-by-step guides and helpful images. Plus, you are free to return to each module as many times as necessary while studying for the test!

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