Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Delaware Permit Test in 2024

Studying to become a safe and responsible motorist involves much more than memorizing road signs and learning a few road rules. Complete driver’s education encompasses defensive driving techniques, alcohol awareness, driving in different environments, coping with hazardous weather conditions and the importance of respecting other road users. All these issues – and many others – are discussed in manageable lessons on our Delaware drivers ed course. Starting right here on this page, our 2024 driver’s ed course can guide you through the entire driver’s licensing process and is 100% free for all learners to use.

Delaware law states that teenagers cannot receive a driver’s license prior to 18 years of age, unless they complete a certified driver’s education program and submit a Driver Education Certificate to the DMV. Note that completing drivers ed will also allow you to gain your learner’s permit earlier, at aged 16. The licensing process is different for teenagers, as they are understood to be the most at-risk group of motorists on our roads. National statistics show that traffic accidents and collisions are currently the number-one cause of death for United States teenagers. It is for this reason that taking driver’s ed is compulsory for first-time license applicants under 18 in Delaware. When applying for your learner’s permit or driver’s license, the certificate of completion you obtain must be from a state-accredited program which includes 30 hours of classroom learning, seven hours of driving observation and a further seven hours of behind-the-wheel training. You will have an enormous amount to learn across this relatively brief program, so it would be wise to supplement your studies with reputable outside resources, like the official DMV handbook and the Delaware drivers ed course provided here.

Though finishing a driver’s education course is not mandatory for first-time adult drivers in Delaware, older applicants must still learn about safe driving techniques and risk mitigation in the run-up to their permit test and practical driving exam. Being slightly older takes you out of the highest risk category, but you will still face significant danger as a novice driver on public roads. While the Highway Transportation System is an inherently dangerous place, the good news is that you, the driver, have the power to avoid danger and reduce risk, by altering your driving behavior. Our driver’s education course will introduce you to the idea of risk and teach you how to apply risk-reducing defensive driving techniques, in real roadway situations.

All drivers are required to pass two assessments in order to achieve a full license and be qualified to drive without supervision. These are the initial 30-question Delaware DMV written test which you must take to gain a learner’s permit, and the practical driving exam, which you will take with a DMV instructor to achieve a full license. Our adult and teen drivers ed course will make sure you are ready to ace both these tests, when the time comes. For the initial permit test, we recommend focusing on the “Rules of the Road”, “Signs, Signals & Markings” and “Driving while impaired” chapters of the course, in addition to the DMV permit book. Once you are qualified to begin studying for the road skills exam, use our “Driving Maneuvers”, “Hazardous Conditions”, “Complex Driving Environments” and “Defensive Driving” modules to guide your work. It is important to form good habits from the moment you begin learning, as you may otherwise develop unsafe driving habits which need to be undone later. When you are taking a break from studying with the driver’s education course, check out our Delaware DMV permit practice test to see how much information you have retained. Like the drivers ed program, our tests are suitable for all license applicants from Wilmington, Newark, Dover and every other Delaware district.

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