Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Minnesota Permit Test in 2024

Our instant-access driver’s education course for Minnesota learners contains all the information you need to pass the 40-question DPS permit test and get on the road. This drivers ed course is based on federal driving laws and information in the state’s driving handbook. It is 100% up-to-date and comprehensive, featuring lessons on defensive driving techniques, rules of the road, road signs, Highway Transportation System infrastructure, alcohol awareness and much more. It is never too early to begin studying for your driver’s license, so why not get started today? Unlike most drivers education courses, this 2024 program is free!

Taking drivers ed is mandatory for under 18s in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Duluth and all other Minnesota cities. Once you’re over 18, you do not have to show proof of enrollment in a driver’s education course when applying for your permit or Class D license. However, new drivers of all ages must understand the importance of taking driver’s ed prior to practicing their driving skills behind the wheel. Driving is a privilege which will afford you enormous freedom, but it is also an inherently dangerous activity. To avoid endangering yourself and other road users, you must learn how to scan the roadway for hazards, ensure you are fit to drive and prevent potentially risky scenarios before they occur. All these topics are explored during our MN drivers education program.

It is illegal to practice driving without first obtaining an instruction permit. If you are under 18, you will need to present identity documents at the DPS office, pass a vision test, pass the 40-question general knowledge permit test and complete the classroom instruction phase of your state-mandated driver’s ed course, to qualify for a learners permit. In Minnesota, the drivers ed program you enroll on must include at least 30 hours of classroom study and 4 hours of behind-the-wheel tuition with a qualified instructor. This practical phase of the driver’s education program must be completed prior to putting in your provisional license application. To achieve a provisional driver’s license, MN students must be at least 16 years old, able to provide evidence of their drivers ed course completion and have engaged in 50 hours of supervised driving practice (at least 15 of which must occur at night). Additionally, they must pass a road skills test during which an examiner from the DPS office will assess their ability to perform basic driving maneuvers safely.

Our free, online drivers ed course is the perfect resource to help you practice for the road test. It contains an entire module dedicated to driving maneuvers, in which essential skills such as braking, acceleration, backing up, making turns and parking are illustrated and explained with step-by-step guides. The course can be accessed whenever and wherever you need, via any mobile device. So, while you are out practicing your essential maneuvers, you can pull over, park up and revisit the relevant material on your cell phone or tablet.

You will find that this Minnesota driver’s education course comes in very handy in the run-up to your learner’s permit test too! That 40-question multiple choice exam covers basic road rule and road sign knowledge, including right-of-way at intersections, warning signs and regulatory signs. These subjects are also covered in dedicated modules during our teen driver’s ed program. To support your studies prior to the exam, our team have created a range of free MN DPS permit practice test quizzes which address the information from the course. These authentic tests are also available here on, 100% free of charge.

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