Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Pennsylvania Permit Test in 2024

Looking to apply for a junior learner’s permit in Pennsylvania? The 2024 teen driver’s education course available on this page will help you prepare for the mandatory PennDOT written test, which as you may be aware, is the only thing standing between you and your driving permit. With the fun, easy-to-understand lessons and brilliant images included on this comprehensive drivers ed course, you will be ready hop into the driver’s seat before you know it. We haven’t even given you the best news yet: unlike state-licensed drivers ed programs, this instant-access online course is 100% free for all aspiring drivers to use!

When you eventually apply for a full, unrestricted Pennsylvania license, you will first need to complete a state-mandated driver’s education course which includes 30 hours of classroom study and 6 hours of practical driving time. The problem with this system is that you may not end up enrolling on a drivers ed course until you are almost 18 years old. Between now and then, you will complete at least 65 hours of supervised practice driving with a licensed adult to upgrade your learners permit, to a provisional license. Driving a car on public roadways is always dangerous and can often be an overwhelming experience for new drivers. With the help of our free drivers ed course, you can make sure you are fully up-to-speed on basic driving maneuvers, dealing with emergencies, defensive driving tactics, vehicle operation skills and everything else you must know to begin your practical learning journey safely and confidently. Here at, we are passionate about driver education. The Highway Transportation System is a dangerous place for new and experienced drivers alike. What most people do not realize is that there is a great deal they can do to keep themselves safe and avoid unnecessary conflicts with other road users. This driver’s ed course will teach you that the power to stay safe and prevent accidents really is in your hands.

Working through this comprehensive course is also one of the best ways to prepare for your initial written PennDOT permit test. Of course, you must read an up-to-date copy of the PA driver’s handbook, in addition to completing the drivers ed course. Unfortunately, the driving manual does not make for very exciting reading and does present certain topics in a way that may be difficult for some students to understand. Our teen driver education course breaks driving theory knowledge down into clear modules and bite-sized sub-sections, with each chapter building on what you have learned from the last. You will also find the driver’s ed course is packed full of brilliant images, diagrams and helpful step-by-step guides. As it is free, you can return to different sections of the course as often as you need, while continuing your learning journey beyond the initial PennDOT permit test.

We believe that while driver’s education is important and must be taken seriously, it does not have to be a stressful or unpleasant experience. In addition to our fun, free drivers ed course, we provide a complete collection of realistic Pennsylvania practice permit test quizzes, many of which mimic the exact format of the real exam! Whenever you need a break from working through the course, pop over and complete a few fun PennDOT practice tests, before picking up where you left off. Like the course, our quizzes are free, available for unlimited access and suitable for all learner drivers from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Erie and every other Pennsylvania city.

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