Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Connecticut Permit Test in 2023

Completion of a reputable driver’s education program is an essential part of your journey to becoming a safe and responsible license holder. In Connecticut, that journey must begin by applying for a learner’s permit and passing the 25-question DMV written test. Our 2023 teen drivers education course will bring you up-to-speed on rules of the road and road sign meanings in preparation for that assessment. The course begins right here on this page, with an introduction to your driving responsibilities and some important things to consider before getting into the driver’s seat. All you need is a copy of the CT driver’s handbook to accompany your work and you’re good to go!

Driver’s ed is taken very seriously in Connecticut, and with good cause. The safety of all roadway users is dramatically improved when every driver understands how to share the road, drive defensively and adjust their behavior for different environments. Teen drivers are far more susceptible to being involved in collisions and accidents than older drivers, therefore completion of a drivers ed course is mandatory for all license applicants under 18 years old. You do not have to take a course to qualify for a learner’s permit, though you will have to provide evidence of driver’s ed course completion when applying for your driver’s license. The course you take must be state-licensed and include at least 22 hours of formal classroom training. In addition, you must complete a minimum of eight hours practical driver’s training with a certified driving instructor. The remainder of your driving practice can be supervised by a parent, guardian or licensed adult over 20 years of age. The CT driver’s license application process for teens is quite different to that in other states, as parents are also required to take a two-hour training course in preparation for guiding their teen’s behind-the-wheel practice.

You do not have to wait to be enrolled on a state-licensed classroom course to begin studying driver’s theory, thanks to the free driver’s education course for Connecticut teens on this page. As we mentioned above, there are certain topics you must study before taking the 25-question DMV permit test in order to pass the assessment with a score of 80% or higher. Most of the study material you need for this exam can be found in the “Signs, Signals & Markings” and “Rules of the Road” modules from this CT driver’s education course. You may also need to look up state-specific road rules in the CT driving manual. There are notes throughout the course which indicate where you should refer to the handbook, in addition to using our information.

As you progress through your driver’s training, using our course alongside your state-mandated drivers ed course will ensure you gain as much knowledge as possible from the experience. When you begin practicing your driving skills behind-the-wheel, you may want to pay close attention to our “Driving Maneuvers” module. Here, the correct procedures for executing essential driving maneuvers such as three-point turns, U-turns, parallel parking, angle parking and driving in reverse are laid out using step-by-step guides and illustrations. Get into the habit of perform these maneuvers correctly from the start of your training and passing the CT road skills test will be a walk in the park!

If you are keen to get your driver’s education underway, why not check out the first module of our course right now? After each chapter is complete, we recommend taking a short break to work through a road signs or road rules CT DMV practice test. There are plenty here in, all of which are 100% free to all students.

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