Drivers Education to Help You Pass The Georgia Permit Test in 2024

Excited about getting your first instructional drivers permit? Start learning about rules of the road and traffic laws as soon as possible! The fun, free driver’s education course for Georgia teenagers will get you up-to-speed in no time. Featuring dedicated modules on road rules and road signs, our drivers ed course is the perfect study guide to support your learning with the state’s official driving manual. In addition to the basic information needed to pass your Georgia DDS permit test, this 2024 drivers education course deals with defensive driving, alcohol awareness, driving maneuvers and everything else you must know to become a safe and competent driver.

Since the implementation of Joshua’s Law in 2007, all teen drivers under the age of 17 must successfully complete a state-approved driver’s education course which features 30 hours of instruction (online or in a classroom) plus at least 40 hours of driving time, before they can trade their instructional permit in for a Class D teen provisional license. Of those 40 hours of driving time, at least six must be completed during night-time hours. Mandatory driver’s education may seem like a drag but trust us when we say these rules are there to protect you. Learning to be a safe and competent driver takes much more than mastering basic driving maneuvers.

To keep yourself safe behind-the-wheel, you must learn how to spot dangerous situations before they occur, reduce risk on the roadway around you by adjusting your behavior, and treat other road users with respect. These issues will be addressed during your state-mandated drivers ed, though they are also covered extensively here, on our free Georgia teen driver’s ed course. Everything is explained using simple language and supported with useful diagrams and images. Plus, it does not matter how long it takes you to get to grips with the material, as you can work through each module at your own pace and return to different sections as often as you please. Taking advantage of our instant-access drivers ed course will give you a safer learning experience under your instructional permit and make working through your later driver’s ed program a breeze.

Of course, before you can get your hands on an instructional learner’s permit, you will need to pass the DDS written test. The permit test is split into two 20-question sections, one featuring questions on common road signs, while the other addresses rules of the road. While the written tests themselves are relatively brief, it is important to keep in mind that there are hundreds of different permit test questions which may be randomly selected to appear on your test paper. You will need to engage in comprehensive study of road rules and road signs to secure yourself a safe pass on the assessment. The required level of knowledge can easily be achieved with assistance from our teen driver’s ed course, in next to no time and with very little stress.

In addition to this driver’s education course for Georgia teenagers, is home to dozens of free DDS practice tests, which you can use to test your knowledge and measure your progress. These interactive Georgia practice permit test quizzes are fun to work on and can be retaken as many times as is necessary to secure a passing grade. But before you can take a quiz, you need to get started on your learning journey! If you will be taking your permit test in Atlanta, Savannah or any other Georgia city, begin your driver’s training with our free drivers ed course today.

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