Drivers Education to Help You Pass The New Hampshire Permit Test in 2024

When you are old enough to begin learning to drive, it is important to take your driver’s education seriously. Drivers ed encompasses far more than road rules, road signs and vehicle control. To keep yourself and your passengers safe on our nation’s roadways, you must also study defensive driving theory, driving in hazardous conditions, night-time driving, risk in different environments, alcohol awareness and various other essential subjects. On this page, you will find our free driver’s education course for New Hampshire applicants that covers each of these topics in full, complete with step-by-step guides and pictures.

If you are under 18 years old, taking drivers education is not just a “good idea”, it is a legal requirement. In order to qualify for your level two graduated driver’s license and be allowed to drive unattended, you must submit a certificate of drivers ed completion to the DMV, along with your other documentation. The driver’s education program you take must include at least 10 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with a certified driving teacher and 30 hours of classroom-based learning. The course must also be licensed and registered with the New Hampshire DMV. Once the classroom education is complete, teen driving students are required to pass a driver’s ed knowledge exam to achieve their certificate of completion. State-mandated drivers ed can be expensive and will require you learning about a broad range of topics in a relatively short space of time. To make sure you get the most from the experience and pass the final assessment first time, we recommend using our free, online driver’s ed course to supplement your classroom learning in your own time.

In the run-up to the initial 40-question DMV written test, you may wish to spend some additional time working with the “Signs, Signals & Markings” and “Rules of the Road” modules on this drivers education course, as these topics will account for most of the questions on the assessment. Note that aspiring drivers of all ages must pass the 40-question permit test, even if they are over 18 and not required to take driver’s education. Technically, all the basic information you need to pass the permit test can be found in the NH DMV permit book. You will need to obtain a copy of that manual from the DMV website; however, you do not have to rely on it exclusively while studying for the test. State driving manuals are packed with useful information but are not made to be particularly easy or interesting reads. Our adult and teen drivers ed course contains all the same information but presents it in a way that is straight-forward and easy to understand. Furthermore, we have made sure that every important topic is illustrated with photographs, illustrations and diagrams.

When you take your driver’s training to the next level and begin driving on public roadways under supervision, we recommend referring to our driver’s ed course as frequently as possible to guide your progress. Across several distinct modules, our course will teach you how to drive through intersections, manage expressway entrances, deal with busy intercity traffic and stay safe on remote, rural roadways. We also break down the key driving maneuvers you will be expected to perform during the New Hampshire road skills exam! This includes easy-to-follow “how-to” guides for parking procedures, making turns, performing emergency stops and driving in reverse. It is not simply enough to get through these maneuvers during the test; you must know how to perform them in accordance with current safety best practices. You can find all that information, along with hints, tips and commons mistakes, right here on our 2024 NH drivers ed course.

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