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Looking for tools that will help you prepare for the 2019 West Virginia permit test? We've got them! In fact, we've got absolutely everything you will need to guarantee that you pass the learner's permit test the first time you take it – the official drivers handbook, a comprehensive list of WV road signs, free drivers ed articles and plenty of free practice permit tests! Here is your first task, a free West Virginia learners permit practice test 2019 on road rules and traffic signs! Don't procrastinate, take your free practice quiz right now!

There is one common mistake made by many first time learners permit applicants and that is starting with a WV learners practice test that has way too many questions. The general rule “the more the better” really doesn't apply here and starting with a grand practice quiz that contains hundreds of different sample questions won't do you much good. Learning is a gradual process and you need to learn the basics before you can proceed to more complex questions. Beginning your lessons on road rules with the help of a WV learners permit practice test with a hundred of different questions would be like doing your first driving lesson on the busiest highway, with traffic swooshing past you at 70 miles an hour.  Would a lesson like that teach you much?  Well, it would probably demonstrate that driving can be extremely scary and dangerous and that you don't have the skills to cope with the situation yet.  Same goes for online WV practice permit tests with hundreds of questions - they will show you that you are far from being prepared for the permit test, but they won't teach you much and are likely to do more damage than good, scaring you into postponing your real learners permit test for quite a while.

We believe that beginners should always start small and gradually work their way up towards larger and more complex practice exams. This is exactly why our free West Virginia learners permit practice test has 20 questions only and those questions can seem quite simple to those who have already taken a practice quiz or two.  If you are one of those people - take this practice learners permit test once and if you score 90% or higher, move on the next quiz in line.  However, if you are a beginner who is just making his first steps in the world of road rules and road signs, make sure to spend some time working on these questions!

This free learners permit practice test for WV consists of 20 questions on road signs and road rules.  All sample questions are multiple choice and each question has four possible answers.  You may only select one answer for any given sample question, if it seems that more than one answer is correct, choose the one that fits best.  The practice quiz is interactive and will provide you with an immediate response as soon as you make a selection, you don't have to wait until the end of the test to find out what questions you have missed.  As soon as you pick an answer, the practice quiz will tell you whether you are right or wrong.  Should you make a mistake and answer a sample question incorrectly, the correct answer will be highlighted along with the answer you have selected.  But wait, it gets better!  Not only will we highlight the right answer for you, we will also provide a detailed justification for the answer and an explanation to the driving rule or road sign that are being discussed in the question.  These explanations are based on the official WV drivers manual 2019, the book that is commonly referred to as the West Virginia learners permit book.  Can you guess how it's got its name?  If your guess is that the real WV DMV learners permit test is based on this booklet, then you are correct!  Seriously, there isn't a WV permit test question you can't answer with the help of the manual and it provides incredible value to those preparing for the exam.  It's completely free too, so there is really no excuse to not using it!

Keep working on this 2019 West Virginia learners permit practice test until you can answer no less than 18 sample questions every time you take the exam.  Don't worry, it does not take that long as the practice quiz will keep on cycling the same 20 questions over and over again.  Sure, we will rotate the order and shuffle those learners permit test questions around, just to keep things interesting, but they will essentially be the same set of questions, make sure you learn them!  Once you are happy with your grade, simply move on to the next free WV learners permit practice test in line until you work your way up to the West Virginia permit test simulator!  Good luck!