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Start your driver’s ed program off the right way and check out some real permit test questions and answers from Rhode Island exam papers. There are various DMV practice permit test RI quizzes on our website which can be used as often as needed at no cost whatsoever. The 20-question 2020 DMV practice test for Rhode Island applicants beginning on this page makes the perfect place to start if you have yet to get very far with the permit test study guide or check out any exam extracts. Working through a round on this RI DMV permit test quiz before you start to learn will show you what kind of material you will ultimately dealing with on the day of your theory assessment, and consequently, which information in the study guide is the most important. Armed with this knowledge, most students can dramatically shorten the amount of time it takes them to get ready for the exam.

A full ten questions shorter than the real 30-question permit test, this drivers permit practice test for Rhode Island applicants only takes around five minutes to complete. Our full-length DMV test practice cheat sheets can provide a more immersive experience, when you find you want something a little more challenging than this entry-level quiz. As it takes just five minutes for most students to work their way through every question on this quiz, you can easily find time to squeeze in a couple of rounds on it each day. Thanks to the bonus information and support provided on the RI DMV practice test 2020 quiz, your final score following each new round should be a little better than the last, until you can easily answer the required 16 out of 20 questions correctly.

The percentage pass-requirement on this DMV permit practice test is the same as the real DMV written test. The real exam asks that you provide 24 correct permit test answers from a possible 30, which like our quiz equates to an 80 percent minimum requirement. During the DMV permit test both rules of the road and road sign-related topics will be dealt with, which is why we have also included a mix of topics here. There is no way to know how many questions will be dedicated to road signs on the actual assessment, nor which specific questions will be chosen for a spot on your test paper. For this reason, students who wish to pass the Rhode Island DMV written test first time must ensure they are ready for anything. The best way to achieve this is to split your time evenly between reading the permit book and working through different practice permit test RI questions using the resources we offer here on ePermitTest.com.

If your scores on our mixed-question DMV practice permit tests indicate that road signs and markings are a weak area of knowledge, you may benefit from spending some time working on our dedicated signs and markings Rhode Island practice permit test instead. That quiz will be able to cover the road signs topics more comprehensively and can bring your knowledge up to an acceptable level to reattempt our combination quiz. While the quizzes we provide are undoubtably valuable learning tools, it is important to remember that no self-assessment resource or online test can replace the official driver’s ed materials that are recommended by the DMV. If you are committed to passing the permit test first-time around it will be necessary to read the entire permit test study guide from cover to cover at least once. Good luck!