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We understand how overwhelming the permit test may seem, having to learn all those new traffic laws, road signs, driving rules. You open a driver's manual and you are not even sure where to start, what parts of the book are important and what can be skipped. Been there, done that. That's why we have prepared a nice and easy free Pennsylvania permit practice test that will help you get started on learning exactly what you need to know for that permit test at PennDOT! Twenty easy questions on road rules & road signs to get you rolling!

Worried that the test does not reflect traffic rules in your city or town?  Stop right there!  All questions on this Pennsylvania permit practice test have been verified against the state drivers handbook and the permit test is the same no matter which part of the Keystone State you live in.  Yes, the sample quiz is good for Philadelphia, Erie, Alientown, Pittsburgh - it is good for every city in Pennsylvania!

All questions on this 2018 permit practice test PA quiz are multiple choice, with four possible answers. The system provides you with immediate feedback as soon as you pick an answer, you will know whether you are correct right away! If you miss a question, you will see the correct answer and an explanation why the answer is correct right away. We suggest that you take your time and read through these explanations (you may even want to write them down) as you go through the practice test as it will really help you during the permit test and save you some time on reading the manual.

While we do not condone cheating on the permit test itself, it is totally fine to cheat on this practice quiz! In fact, we URGE you to cheat us right now! There are three ways to cheat on this free online PA permit test. You can use our 50/50 cheat button, which will remove two incorrect answers from the question, making it much easier for you to pick the right answer. You can request the system to display a hint and get more details on the question. Finally, you can have the drivers manual open while taking the test and you can research every question in the book, the practice test is not timed and you can take as long as you want looking for an answer (in fact, this is probably the easiest way to learn through the Pennsylvania driver's manual).

Surely, if this is not your first time taking a Pennsylvania practice permit test, you may not need all these options and you can go straight through the quiz without ever using them! That is fine too! Just check your score at the end of the test, if you score 90% or above, skip straight to the next practice test! If you score below 90%, we advise that you buckle down and repeat the practice exam at least once or twice to raise your grades!