Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Eager to begin your first practice permit quiz?  We won't keep you waiting for long! We are honored to present you with a free Oklahoma practice permit test 2019, designed to the standards of the real Oklahoma drivers permit test.  Multiple choice questions on road signs and road rules, immediate feedback, loads of great images of road signs - it really doesn't get better than that!  And it only takes 5 minutes to complete, sure you can spare that much time for studying! Jump right in and start hammering away at those questions right away!

One of the most common questions we get is why we have chosen to include only 20 questions in this online practice quiz, while the real learners permit test contains a good half-a-hundred questions and there are many other practice exams that spot hundreds of questions.  The reason why we chose to being with a smaller quiz is really quite simple: we don't believe that opening the first permit test study sessions with a massive Oklahoma practice permit test with hundreds of different permit test questions holds any value for the majority of students.  Just think about it: you are only making your first steps in the world of driving rules and road signs, you don't have much prior experience and you are not likely to be able to answer at least half of those questions.  Instead of feeling excited, instead of being inspired by your achievements and wanting to study more, you will be left completely and utterly overwhelmed by the experience.  Some first-time applicants are so discouraged by the ordeal that they quit the whole idea of applying for an Oklahoma learners permit and don't return to it for a very long time.  We believe that small steps go a long way and this is exactly what this free practice permit test for Oklahoma is, your first small step towards a drivers permit.  Twenty relatively easy questions on road rules and road signs to get you started and to help you build up some confidence before the real exam.  Don't worry about hundreds of permit test questions and answers at this point, we have them as well and you will get to that point very soon, but for now, just concentrate on passing this first Oklahoma drivers permit practice test!

This permit practice test is really quite simple.  It consists of 20 multiple choice questions on road rules and road signs, most of the questions supplemented with great images of signs and on-road situations.  Every question presents you with four possible answers, you need to choose the one that fits best.  Now, remember, although it may seem as if sometimes, more than one answers fits, only one of the answers is correct, so choose wisely, choose the one that fits best!  You will find out whether you are right or wrong immediately, this 2019 practice permit test for Oklahoma is completely interactive and it alerts you whenever you happen to miss a question!  Wait, that's not all!  Not only will the system tell you that you failed a question, it will display the correct answer along with an extensive justification for it.  Read these explanations as they can really speed up the learning process and help you commit each and every one of these Oklahoma permit test questions to memory much faster!

There is one thing we recommend for everyone to do before they begin working on this free Oklahoma learners permit practice test and that to read the official Oklahoma drivers manual 2019! Yes, we know, not the most exciting book in the world, definitely not the latest Harry Potter novel, but it does hold incredible value for those trying to obtain a drivers permit.  Did you know that the second name of the drivers manual is the Oklahoma permit test book?  Can you guess why it is called that?  The reason is extremely simple - you can find all Oklahoma permit test questions and answers to those question in the drivers handbook!  No, the DMV is not as obvious as to actually include a section with all questions in the book, but the test is based exclusively on the materials provided in the manual!  There is no way to fail the Oklahoma DMV permit test if you learned the materials presented there!

Enough of our rambling, we will leave you to play with this free Oklahoma practice permit test 2019!  Don't stop working on it until you can answer 18 our of 20 questions every time!  Good luck!