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Here is an awesome twenty-question Ohio practice temps test to kick-start your temporary license study session!  Don't worry, it won't take much of your time, all you need is 5-10 minutes, everyone can do that!  We did not want to waste your time with nonsense, so we have put together the most essential questions that cover all topics that usually come up during the real exam at the BMV!  Don't be fooled by the fact that there are only 20 temps test questions on this free Ohio temps practice test  - this is just a start and we have hundreds of permit test questions waiting for you!

The reason why this online Ohio temps practice test contains only twenty questions is quite simple - this is an introductory practice test, designed to help see where you stand in terms of learning the rules of the road and to teach you the basics.  We could throw hundreds of permit test questions at you (and we will do that later too), but would it do you any good?  We can bet our head that the only thing a practice permit test like that would achieve is to leave you completely lost and overwhelmed.  Would you really be able to remember answers to hundreds of new temps test questions?  Would you even have the time and patience to sit through a practice test like that?  If you are anything like us, the answer is no, but don't worry, you will get there a bit later.  For now, just start working on this temps quiz and gradually proceed to the next level once you are satisfied with your grades. 

All questions on this Ohio practice temps test 2019 are multiple choice, with four possible answers.  Only one of those answers is correct.  The test is marked on the fly and, should you miss a question, you will see the right answer immediately!  Furthermore, not only will you see the right answer, but you will also get a detailed explanation of why that answer is correct.  Make sure you read through those explanations as it will help you learn the rules faster.

Got a particularly hard Ohio temps question?  No stress.  Just use one of the study aids we have built into the system, right in the "Help me" section.  You can choose between having a helpful hint displayed along with the question or having two incorrect answers removed from the screen immediately!  Of course, you can also do both, you are calling the shots here!  However, if you want our advice, we recommend that you always use the hints first and resort to the 50/50 option only when you are at a complete loss. 

Remember, you should always read the temps book before you start taking practice permit tests.  Most of them are based on the book, the real permit test is based on the book and this Ohio practice temps test is no exception to the rule!  You can even keep the book open while you are taking the practice test, feel free to peek any time you wish!  You won't be able to do that on the real test, but who is to stop you now?