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Don't you just wish there was a magic solution that would allow you to pass the NC permit test the first time you take it? And it did not take too much of your time? And it was completely free? And you did not have to waste hours just looking for it? Fortunately, you just found a solution that fits all of these criteria – a free North Carolina DMV practice test 2019 that only takes five minutes to complete! Twenty online DMV test questions and answers you can learn today to really have the upper hand on the day you choose to visit your local DMV office!

We could go on for hours and hours, talking about how great this 2019 DMV practice test for NC really is and how it will help you pass the DMV permit test the first time you take it, but is there really any point in that? The fact that you are here now speaks for itself, you already know that taking practice permit tests is one of the fastest ways to prepare for the DMV knowledge test, so we will save ourselves the trouble of going through the motions. What we do have to say, though (and we are sure that you have heard it a number of times before), is that you really have to get yourself a copy of the DMV booklet and read it at least once if you have not done so yet. Yes, you do, don't even try to argue. You might have heard about people who passed the learner's permit test without ever reading the book. Sure, it happens, we won't deny that. What you haven't heard is the fact that for every single person who passes the DMV permit test without reading the book there is another 20 people who failed exactly for that reason. People tend to boast about their achievements and hide their failures, this gives a wrong impression that reading the book is completely unnecessary. It's not. Sure, North Carolina DMV practice tests are great, in some ways, they are even better than the manual itself, but you reach the maximum effect when you use them together! Maximize your chances and read the manual before you start working on this DMV NC practice test 2019!

When you start preparing, you want to know things you need to study for the DMV test and things you can skip to save yourself some time. It's a common misconception that you need to study “everything” to guarantee that you pass the learner's permit test and that DMV practice tests need to cover all driving rules and regulations. This could not be further from the truth. Some of the questions on the North Carolina permit test are common knowledge and you don't need to waste time on revisiting them over and over again. Other questions may not be so simple. We believe that a good DMV practice test for North Carolina needs to concentrate on questions that are easy to miss, such as alcohol awareness laws, speed limits, fines and penalties, statistical information and other similar laws. A practice permit test that is too easy can do more damage than good, by inducing a false sense of overconfidence. A person who took a single easy NC DMV permit practice test and got a good grade may even stop studying, considering himself to be “well-prepared” already. Don't make the same mistake and go over every single free North Carolina DMV practice test you can lay your hands on before you visit a local office and test for your learner's permit!