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Here we go, an opening act for the whole sequence of Minnesota practice quizzes, a free Minnesota permit practice test (MN) 2019!  A state-specific practice quiz that follows the same format as the real test, features questions that are highly similar or identical to the ones you will see at the DMV, is based on the official drivers handbook and even has the same grading system the Minnesota DMV uses - nothing really beats this! 

This Minnesota permit practice test has twenty questions that cover a great variety of driving rules that will be on your real 2019 MN permit test.  Road rules, traffic signs, seat belt laws, speed limits, parking on hills, passing, defensive driving and accident prevention - the quiz has questions for all of these topics.  The practice quiz consists of true or false and multiple choice questions.  Keep in mind that only one answer out of all provided options is correct.  The practice test is graded on the fly, as soon as you make your selection, the system shows you whether your answer is right and, if it is not, the correct answer is highlighted for you.  On top of that, we will show you detailed explanations for all questions you will miss.  These explanations are largely based on the information from the 2019 Minnesota drivers manual, make sure you go through each and every one of them as they will really help you to hammer those rules in!

Absolutely all questions on our MN practice permit test are state-specific, we don't want you to waste any time on trying to memorize things that do not even apply to the Minnesota permit test.  We went through the driver's manual and made sure that each and every one of the questions is current and reflects the driving rules of Minnesota!  And since the knowledge exam is exactly the same across the whole state, our practice test will work for students in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Osseo, Hopkins, Burnsville  and any other town of the North Star state!
Who should take this practice test?  Anyone who wants to pass the DMV test the first time they take it!  There are really no age restrictions, teens and adults will benefit equally from taking this Minnesota practice permit test!  It really does not matter whether you are preparing for the first DMV test, need to renew your license and simply want to brush up on the driving rules, this is really the case of one-size-fits-all!
Oh, and did we mention that we are giving away this MN permit practice test free?  There you have it!  A free practice test to help you get your learner's permit sooner!

We wanted to bring your attention to the study aids that have been recently introduced into the practice test – HINTs and the 50/50 option.  We wanted to make your learning experience a bit more fun, a game rather than a full lesson, so from now on, you have these study aids to rely upon whenever you find yourself stuck at one of these Minnesota permit test practice questions.  How do use them?  Simple.  Hints will provide you with additional details about the question, they are small snippets of information designed to nudge you towards the right answer.  The 50/50 button is somewhat of a blunt mass-destruction tool – clicking on it will remove two incorrect answers from the screen right away, leaving you with a simple choice of picking the right answer among the remaining two options.  Your chances of choosing the right one increase twofold even if you don't know this particular rule!

This free Minnesota practice permit test (MN) 2019 is a practice quiz with fixed questions.  What this means is that permit test question on this exam will remain the same every time you take it.  The order of questions will change around, just to keep things interesting, but you will get the same twenty questions any time you take the exam.  Use this feature and work on these practice questions until you can score at least 90% every time you take the quiz!  Ourselves, we wouldn't stop until we've learned all of the answers, but that's just us!

Once you are happy with your grade, move on to the next Minnesota permit practice test we have prepared for you!  Questions will get more challenging as you proceed through the sequence of exams!