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Want to pass the drivers license test on your first visit the DMV?  Nothing could be simpler! Preparing for the drivers permit test does not have to be hard, it does not have to take countless hours of reading the drivers ed book and anyone can do it, provided they have the right tools for the job!  Don't worry, though, as we have already taken care of that for you and put together everything you need to nail the exam!  There is absolutely no excuse to not preparing for the exam anymore! Welcome to you first challenge, a free Louisiana practice driving test quiz 2020!

The number of questions on the drivers license practice test seems to be one of the key factors for beginners who are just making their first steps in the world of traffic laws and road signs.  Most first time permit applicants believe that the more questions their first practice permit test will have, the faster they will prepare for the exam.  Sadly, this could not be further from the truth and most students achieve the exact opposite result, wasting countless hours of precious time in the process.  When you don't have any prior knowledge of driving laws and you take a practice test, chances are that you will miss a good half of those questions.  So what, aren't you just going to memorize those questions you have missed and get them right next time?  Here is the problem: you are simply not going to be able to remember answers to such a large number of driving test questions from the start.  It's one thing to memorize 4 or 5 questions and it's a completely different matter when you have to learn 40 of 50 of them.  If anything, you are likely to be left feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by the experience.  Some students are so intimidated by these extensive driving practice exams that they completely lose faith in their ability to learn the rules of the road and they dismiss the whole idea of taking the driving test for quite a while.  We believe that it should not be that way and that any task can be managed, no matter how massive it is, if you just break it up into a number of smaller steps. It just happened to be the best approach to learning the driving rules too and so we have created a free Louisiana practice driving test for beginners that allows students to start learning without feeling overpowered.  Twenty simple 2020 drivers license test questions to get the ball rolling!

Let us give you a quick overview of how this Louisiana drivers permit practice test actually works.  You get 20 multiple choice questions, with four possible answers for each one of them.  Only one of the answers is correct.  The interactive practice permit test is graded on the fly and you will not have to finish the whole exam to find out what questions you have happened to miss, as soon as you pick one of the answers, we let you know whether you are right or wrong right there on the spot!  Whenever you miss a sample question, we will show you the right answer for that question and provide a detailed explanation for the driving rules that is being discussed.  Now, we know that some students rush through this free Louisiana drivers license practice test, trying to cover as many different questions as possible as quickly as possible, but we want to warn you against that.  Make sure you take your time reading these explanations as they will save you loads of time on researching these driving rules in the official Louisiana driving test study guide.  The practice test is not timed and you can take as long as you need to make sure you fully understand the rule before you move on to the next question.  Once you are done with all 20 questions, you will see your overall score and will get a chance to review all of your answers once again!  

While we are on the topic, we wanted to stress the importance of reading the drivers manual at least once.  We know, not the most exiting book in the world and many first time applicants go into the DMV office without as much as opening it once.  However, if you want to maximize your chances of passing the drivers permit test the first time you take it, then reading the 2020 Louisiana drivers license test study guide is an absolute must!  The whole exam is based on the information from this handbook, why would you want to rob yourself of this advantage?  Read the booklet and keep it by your side while working on these online Luisiana practice driving tests!