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Being a good safe driver is tough.  Passing the permit test is simple. And it's super easy when you have the right tools for the job. This free Indiana practice permit test is the tool to die for!  Twenty free questions, spread evenly over the complete range of Indiana driving rules and road signs, it will slowly ease you into the world of traffic signals, pavement markings and drivers who just don't seem to know what that turn signal is for.  An interactive permit practice test tailored to the real Indiana learners permit test 2019!

The interactive free practice permit test for Indiana consists of 20 questions, all of them being multiple choice.  Every question has four possible answers and only one of those answers is correct, keep that in mind whenever you think that more than one question fits.  The practice quiz is graded on the go, you can track your progress at any point of the exam and you don't even have to finish the whole quiz to find out where you went wrong.  If you miss one of these Indiana permit test questions, the exam will warn you about that right away and will show you the right answer immediately.  But that's not all. Not only will the practice permit test show you the right answer to the question, it will also provide a detailed explanation of why that particular answer is correct.  Do read these explanations as they will help you understand the rules better and memorize them faster. Don't stress if you find some of the questions on this 2019 Indiana permit practice test too hard, we are here to help you every step of the way!  Whenever you cannot answer a question, turn to the help section that features two study aids - HINTs and the 50/50 option!  Hints will provide you with subtle clues and nudge you towards the right answer, without giving too much away.  The 50/50 option works in a much more direct fashion, it immediately removes two incorrect answers from the screen, making the task of choosing the right answer so much easier!  You don't have to use these options while working on this permit practice test for Indiana, just keep in mind that they are there and that they will come to the rescue whenever you need them! 

When you are looking for additional study materials to compliment this free Indiana permit practice test, you simply cannot miss the official Indiana drivers manual book.  The real permit test is based entirely on the information presented in the booklet, which makes it an ideal Indiana permit test study guide. We know that many student choose not to read the book since it seems too extensive, confusing and overwhelming, but we recommend that you don't make the same mistake.  Sure, it is no Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but then you are not reading it for pleasure and it will significantly increase your chances of passing the Indiana BMV permit test.  Besides, you don't have to memorize everything in the book, just skim over it once and then proceed to taking this free online Indiana practice permit test.  Keep referring to the book when you encounter difficult questions on driving rules you don't know and you won't notice how those rules will sink in.

Worried that the test only has twenty questions?  Let us put your mind to ease - we've got hundreds of Indiana permit test questions in store for you.  This is a beginner's practice permit test, just to give you the first taste of the real exam.  We don't believe that burying you under tonnes of different questions right from the start is a good idea, it won't teach you much and it may put you off studying for quite a while.  We believe in starting slow and working your way up to more complex practice quizzes, that is why this Indiana drivers permit practice test only has 20 questions.  Once you can answer each and every question, move on to the next practice permit test in line and keep doing that until you cover everything!   Good luck!