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Finally made a decision to apply for a drivers license? Good on you!  We are here to help you walk this road as quickly and comfortably as it is humanly possible.  This free Idaho drivers license practice test 2020 is your first step on that road and you know what they say about first steps -  they are the most important steps of all!  We know how hard it can be to start studying for the test: you procrastinate, make up hundreds of reasons not to study, find thousands of places you need to be at... Fortunately, you are past that stage! Good luck with your first driver's license practice test!

If you are one of those overachievers who intend to start with the largest drivers license practice test you can find - let us stop you right there and save you hours of time you would have wasted otherwise.  You don't start with a colossal practice test of that kind, it simply won't work.  How many question do you think you will miss if this is your first drivers practice test and you have not done any studying before?  Statistics tell us that you are likely to miss approximately half of the questions you'll see.  What is that?  Do we hear you saying that it's all right, since you will memorize these questions and do better next time?  Really?  Do you honestly believe that you can memorize answers to 50 new drivers license test questions just like that?  Unless you are a lucky possessor of eidetic memory, it is doubtful that you will remember more than a few of those questions.  As you keep retaking the practice quiz over and over again, your score won't improve by much and very soon you will start feeling overwhelmed by the whole experience. Trust us, we know what we're talking about, we've seen our share of first-time drivers license applicants.  Some people decide to postpone obtaining a license for quite a while, after being demoralized by an Idaho state drivers license practice test like that.  Now, don't get us wrong, we are not saying that these practice exams are useless, they are really not, you just need to learn how to use them correctly.  You begin with a state of Idaho drivers license practice test that has 20-25 questions and you keep working your way up to more complex exams, gradually building up your skill level and your confidence.  Small steps really go a very long way!

This free driver license practice test contains twenty questions on road signs and road rules.  All questions are multiple choice, every question provides you with four possible answers and only one of those answers is correct.  Keep this in mind as you are working through the quiz, some questions may make it seem as if more than one answer fits, but that's just the wording that is used by the DMV to ensure that you really know your stuff.  For the same reason, make sure to read through all answers before making your choice, avoid choosing the first answer you see, even if it may see right at first.  Don't worry if you slip and make a mistake, we will let you know the right answer every time.   Wait, it gets better!  Whenever you miss a knowledge test question, we will provide you with a detailed explanation for that driving rule, to help you understand it, remember it and never make the same mistake again.  Do not skimp on studying these permit test explanations, they can save you hours of reading the official Idaho drivers test study guide. 

Since we mentioned the guide, let us touch down on the subject right now.  We know that many students choose not to read the official driving test study guide and we believe it is one of the worst mistakes you can make.  There is a reason why the book is called the "drivers test study guide" - it is because the entire exam is based on the information you will find in the manual!  That's right, any drivers test question, anything the DMV can throw at you is in that book.  Why waste this awesome opportunity to maximize your chances of passing the exam?  Get yourself a copy of the Idaho drivers test study guide 2020 and make sure you read it at least once!

Now that you have every tool you need to pass the exam, it is time to buckle down and invest a little time towards your success!  Enjoy this free Idaho drivers license practice test 2020 and good luck at the DMV!