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We could go on for hours and hours about how great practice permit tests are and how they will help you pass the permit test the first time you take it, but do you really want to read all that?  After all, the fact that you are here and that you are taking this free Georgia practice permit test 2019 speaks for itself - you already know that practice quizzes help and that you should do as many of them as you can before you skip away to your local DDS office for that permit test appointment!  We're just here to show you a better and faster way to prepare for that Georgia permit test! 

The first thing you should do is to pick up a copy of that Georgia DDS drivers book.  We know you've been trying to avoid doing that and we don't even want to get into the big argument of how taking GA practice permit tests online fully replaces reading the manual.  Yes, you can pass the learner's permit test without reading the book.  However, your chances of passing the DDS exam the first time increase drastically if you go over the manual at least once.  You don't even have to memorize all of it, but skimming over the book is highly, extremely important!  The learners permit practice test for GA will do the rest, but you have to go over the book first!  If you have not read it yet, go ahead and download it now, then return to the practice quiz once you're done!

This Georgia practice permit test for intended for beginners, those who are just making their first steps on the road to the learners permit.  If you find it too easy - just skip over to the next practice permit test, permit test questions on these quizzes get progressively harder and culminate in the practice GA permit test simulator.  Quick notice, though - you should score 90% or higher every time you take this permit practice test before you continue on to the next one.  Yes, we know it's a bit higher than the passing grade for the real permit test, but this is a learning exercise and we want you to have a nice safety cushion when you show up at your local DDS location.

The quiz has twenty multiple choice questions that cover a broad range of road rules and road signs.  We tried to make this Georgia permit practice test (GA) as comprehensive as possible, so you will encounter question on defensive driving, the effects of alcohol on your driving ability, right-of-way, parking, seat belt laws, traffic signs and pavement markings - pretty much every topic you expect to be covered by the real DDS permit test.  If you can't answer a question off the top of your head - don't stress, it's all right and you will get there very soon.  We recommend that whenever you encounter a question you don't know the answer to, you open the drivers handbook and search for the answer in the book.  You can also use one of the study aids that are built into this practice permit test and either request additional details about the permit test question by clicking on the HINT button or remove half of incorrect answers from the screen by clicking the "50/50" button.  Remember, you are just learning, this is not the real DDS permit test and it's ok to cheat a little while you are studying this Georgia practice permit test! Just don't get carried away and try to remember as many answers as you can, don't rely exclusively on these study aids!