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Want a state-specific Colorado practice permit test with hundreds of sample questions?  Slow down!  If this is the first drivers permit practice test you are taking, you don't need hundreds of questions!  Taking such an extensive practice quiz right from the start will yield nothing but the sense of being overwhelmed!  We believe in taking it slow, making the first step towards your Colorado drivers permit shouldn't be hard!  That's why we have prepared a simple twenty question free Colorado practice permit test 2020 to set you off on the road to a learners permit! 

The reason why this practice permit test contains only 20 questions is simple - we believe that learning is a gradual process.  Sure, we could throw hundreds of different written test questions at you all at once (our knowledge base currently consists of 500+ permit test questions and we constantly keep adding new ones), but would it do you any good?  Will you learn the driving rules covered by these questions, would you remember the answers, or would you feel hopelessly overwhelmed and quit preparing for the exam since it was just too hard?  Statistics show that the second choice is a likely winner for the majority and we really want to help everyone we can to prepare for the Colorado permit test and pass it on the first visit to the DMV!  This is why we have purposely selected twenty easy sample test questions for the written test and have included them info this free Colorado practice permit test!

Just like the real written DMV exam, the practice quiz consists only of multiple choice and true or false questions.  Multiple choice questions usually have four possible answers, only one of them being correct.   The system will not allow you to select two different answers, clicking on an answer automatically marks it as the chosen one.  Don't worry about getting every single question on this Colorado practice permit test 2020 correctly the first time, almost no one does, the practice test is completely free and you can take it as many times as you need to raise your grade to the acceptable level.  What is considered acceptable?  It's really up to you! The real permit test requires you to answer no less than 20 questions out of 25, that's an 80% passing score.  You probably don't want to be right on the mark, having some space to maneuver is always a good thing, so try and practice until you can answer at least 18 out of 20 questions correctly, this will leave you with a 90% grade on the practice test. 

To help you learn faster, we have included a number of study aids (some call them "cheats") into the drivers practice test.  Two types of study aids are available right now: hints and the 50/50 option.  Using the 50/50 button is quite simple:  click on it and the permit practice test will immediately hide two incorrect answers from the screen.  Hints are much more subtle, they are clues designed to guide you to the right answer.  This Colorado permit practice test 2020 allows you to use one or both of these options for each and every sample question.  Remember, though, you won't have these study aids while taking the real Colorado permit test at the DMV, make sure you try and learn the rules too!

When you are done with this free Colorado practice permit test, simply move on to the next drivers practice quiz in line!  Passing the permit test is easy, all you need is a little patience and our great practice permit tests!  Good luck!