Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Red traffic lights, green traffic lights, red arrows, green arrows...  You may think you know them all, but it never hurts to spend just five minutes of your time on taking this Florida practice permit test on traffic signas and make sure you are prepared for the challenge at the DHSMV!  Questions you may encounter at the office are usually much harder than expected by most first time applicants and failure rates are really through the roof. We would hate you have to visit the office again, so go ahead and treat yourself to this free Florida DMV practice test right now!

The practice test consists of 20 multiple choice questions, you need to give at least 15 correct answers if you want to pass.  We urge you not to stop at that, remember that 15 correct answers is a bare minimum and you should definitely aim for a much higher score! Keep practicing until you can answer virtually every question on the Florida permit test!  It's easy, since you see whether you are right or wrong right away and the test will always show you the correct answer should you make a mistake! All questions are based on the official Florida drivers handbook, the test is state-specific, we made sure that you get only verified information, after all, traffic signals is your safety!

Looking for more Florida learners permit test answers?  We've got them!  Every practice test on the site is loaded with real-world permit test questions and answers and you are more than welcome to use any of them.  However, if you want to get that extra edge, make sure you check out our awesome Florida permit test cheat sheet!  Structured just like the real DMV permit test, with real DMV questions and answers, yet loaded with study aids that will help you answer even those extra-hard questions without breaking a sweat!  And the best thing of all - the cheat sheet is free! Work on it while reading the 2019 Florida drivers handbook or use it as a standalone permit test study guide, the choice is yours!

Enjoy this free Florida practice permit test on traffic signals and let us know how the real DHSMV permit test went!  Good luck!