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This Florida learners permit practice test contains 20 questions for the 2019 online DMV exam.  You may be wondering why we chose to include just twenty questions into the quiz, while the real exam has fifty?  The reason is quite simple - this is a starter practice quiz and it is meant not to take too much of your time!  Time is the greatest resource we have and we always have too little of it, fitting a lengthy study session into your schedule can be a nightmare, you simply don't have an hour to spend at one time.  However, anyone can manage 5 minutes!  This is all it takes to complete this free permit practice test once - five minutes of your time! Such low time commitment means you cut hours of time our of your busy day, you can do the practice quiz while riding a bus, during your lunch break, before you go to bed - whenever you have 5 minutes to spare, just grab your iPhone, log into the website and do the quiz!

All questions on this FL permit practice test are multiple choice, with four options provided for every question.  This is the format that is used for the real online permit test and you should start getting used to it right now.  Only one of the provided answers is correct, even if it may seem otherwise for some questions.  The reason why you may think that more than one answer fits the question is the wording used by the DMV - the state wants to make sure you are staying attentive and that you really know your stuff, so it is common practice to furnish a question with two answers that seem very much alike at first glance, yet contain minor differences that render one of the answers incorrect.  Don't fall into this trap and thoroughly read all of the provided options before you pick an answer.  The permit practice test will immediately alert you if you happen to make a mistake, but the alert is not the only thing you will see.  The practice quiz will display the right answer alongside the one you have chosen and provide a detailed explanation for that answer.  We know that some of you will be tempted to save a bit of time and skimp on reading these explanations, so we want to warn you against this right now.  The only person you end up cheating is yourself, you will end up wasting even more time than you had to.  Reading these explanations help you memorize the answers faster, so you won't have to keep on repeating this Florida permit practice test over and over again.  Do the smart thing, take an extra moment and read up on those questions you've happened to miss!

Completed the entire Florida permit practice test and aren't sure what to do next?  Look to your grade for an answer to this question!  When you take the 2019 Florida permit test online, you are required to score no less than 75% to pass the exam.  This is your bare minimum, one extra question you miss throws you below the passing bar and you end up paying for a retake (depending on the school you choose, a retake can cost you between $10 and $20).  That's why it is imperative that you study beforehand and get your grade on this learners permit practice test higher, significantly higher than the minimum passing score.  Don't stop working on the practice quiz until you can answer at least 18 questions correctly, without having to use any study aids, this translates into a 90% grade, more than sufficient for guaranteeing you a drivers permit.  Once you are up there, just move on to the next practice permit test!  Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, do this enough times and there won't be a permit test question you can't answer!

Looking for even more 2019 Florida permit test answers?  We've got them!  Forget about the sites that offer you to buy magic permit test study guides, you don't need them!  The best study guide you can get your hands on is the official Florida drivers handbook 2019!  The DMV bases the entire knowledge exam on the information you can find in the manual, it has every answer you need and we recommend that everyone reads it before attempting a permit test online or at the DMV office!  Combine the handbook with our free permit practice tests and you've got yourself the ultimate study tool!

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