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This free Florida permit practice test follows the format you might have gotten used to while working on other practice tests on the website.  The exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions that cover a broad range of driving rules and road signs.  Communicating with other drivers, driving on freeways, sharing the road with motorcycles, driving at night and in hazardous conditions, negotiating railroad crossings and pavement markings - all of the important topics are here! Oh, and road signs - we've got plenty of permit test questions on Florida road signs with awesome images, how could we forget about those? It's hard to fit all these things into a single practice permit test, but we do our best to keep our practice quizzes balanced!

While anyone can make use of this FL permit practice test, it was primarily designed for teen drivers who will be taking the Florida permit test online, though one of the third party test providers.  The practice exam follows the same format the online test does: all questions are multiple choice, with three or four answers per question; the exam is graded on the fly and you must always select the option that provides the most detailed answer to the question.  However, in order to boost the learning factor, we have modified the free practice permit test somewhat and have included a number of things that are not present in the original state exam.  For once, we do not time you while you are working on the practice test.  You are here to learn and we don't want to rush you, take as much time as you need to work through every permit test question.  Another major difference between the DMV exam and the practice test is the fact that we always show you the right answer for any sample question you happen to miss and provide a detailed explanation for that answer.  These explanations are based on the Florida drivers handbook 2019, the same booklet the real exam is based upon and they can save you a tremendous amount of time on research.  Read them as you go through the test, but don't bother with writing things down at this point - you will have another chance to review your answers once you complete the entire exam.

Those who have taken the permit test previously know that you have to score no less than 75% to pass the exam.  With this number in mind, we recommend that you don't stop working on this free permit practice test for Florida until you can answer at least 18 questions correctly.  This grade is significantly higher than the one you need to pass the real DMV written test, but there is a reason why we want you to work your way up to such a high score.  Taking the real permit test online cost you money.  If you don't pass the exam the first time you take it, every additional attempt can cost you anything between $10 and $20.  Taking an extra moment on improving the grades on this Florida practice permit test can save you quite a few bucks in the end, so don't throw this opportunity away!

If you believe that this free Florida permit practice test (FL) 2019 is missing something - don't hesitate to give us a shout in the comments above!