Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Before we go any further, let us say that in no way do we condone cheating on the the Florida DMV permit test.  In fact, we strongly advise against even attempting to cheat on the test and this Florida DMV cheat sheet was designed to make sure you will not need to cheat!  That's right!  Preparing for the DMV test with the help of this cheat sheet takes just as much time as trying to find a way to fraud the DMV, we have all the answers you need and an easy-to-use and fun tool to help you learn them quickly!  So buckle down and get on with it!

People who are searching for a DMV cheat sheet usually want to know what questions are on the permit test in Florida.  That is absolutely natural - it helps to know what's going to be on the test before you go in, this way you can concentrate on learning things that really matter and avoid wasting too much time on things that won't be on the permit test anyway.  However, we believe that simply memorizing Florida permit test answers is quite pointless - the question base used by the DMV is extremely large, permit test questions are selected randomly every time you take the exam and there is absolutely no guarantee that you will get the questions you have studied the night before.  Learning the actual road rules and road signs, on the other hand, ensures that you can answer virtually any question the DMV can throw at you and our Florida DMV cheat sheet is here to guide you in that quest for knowledge!

This free Florida DMV cheat sheet 2019 is essentially a DMV practice test that follows the same format the real exam does.  The cheat sheet contains 50 multiple choice questions that are chosen randomly from a large knowledge pool every time you take the quiz, which means that questions will be different every time!  Many of the questions are supplemented with images to help you understand the question a little better.  The test is graded on the go and you can see what questions you have missed immediately!  Just like the real exam, this Florida DMV practice permit test requires you to provide no less than 39 correct answers in order for you to pass the exam, which means that the passing score is slightly below 78%.

You might have already played around with our Florida permit practice test simulator and could have noticed that this DMV cheat sheet is very similar to that practice test.  You are right, but there is one crucial difference: this DMV cheat sheet allows you to cheat and here is how you can do that!

There are two ways to "fraud" this Florida DMV practice test: by using hints or the "50/50" option.  Hitting the "HINT" button will bring up additional details about the question and, hopefully, point you in the right direction! Clicking on the "50/50" button will remove half of incorrect answers from the test, making the job of selecting the right one so much easier! We recommend that you always use hints first and resort to the "50/50" options only if everything else fails!  Remember, this Florida DMV cheat sheet 2019 is here to help you learn!

That's it, play around and let us know how the real test goes! Make sure to check out all other practice permit tests for Florida we have online!