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This Florida road sign practice test consists of 20 multiple choice question.  Unlike regular practice tests that feature a balanced combination of permit test questions on road rules and traffic signs, this topical exam is about road signs and nothing but road signs.  However, learning a bunch of different signs is not the only thing is teaches you.  Knowing your signs means being able to identify them by color, recognizing sign shapes, being able to place signs into appropriate groups and prioritize between them. These may seem as silly and unnecessary skills right now, while you are sitting in front of your screen, but when you are driving past a traffic sign at 55 miles per hour at night or during a particularly heavy rain, these skills may mean the difference between life and death.  Have no doubt about the importance of traffic signs: the DMV chose to dedicate half of the entire permit test to signs, a clear signal that the state considers road signs to be a topmost priority for all drivers.  

We believe that everyone learns best when there is a constant chain of communication and when students receive immediate feedback for all of their actions.  This entire free Florida road signs test was built around this idea and we will not have to finish the entire exam before showing you what questions you have missed.  Whenever you happen to make a mistake (and we hope there will only be a few of these), the practice test will alert you to the fact instantaneously and display the right answer so you can learn from this error.  Don't bother with writing these Florida permit test answers down at this point, though, you will have another chance to review them once you complete the entire exam. 

If you are looking for a Florida road sign study sheet to compliment this permit practice test, there is nothing we could recommend higher than the official drivers manual.  It comes under many names: the permit test book, the DMV booklet, Florida drivers handbook - the names really don't matter.  What matters is the fact that the book is really the best free permit test study guide you can get your hands on, the entire DMV knowledge test is based on the information in that book.  The book also contains printable road signs study sheets!  Just download the pdf file to your computer, print it out and post these study sheets some place you spend a lot of time at so they are always right in front of your eyes.  A good idea for beginners is having these study sheets in front of you while you are working on this free Florida road sign practice test!  You can take them down once you notice that your grades are going up and feel that you are ready to take on the quiz without any assistance!

A word about your grades.  You may know that you only need to score 75% on the real Florida permit test to be awarded with a learners permit.  However, when you work on this Florida road sign practice permit test, or any other practice quiz on the website, for that matter, we recommend that you don't quit until you score at least 90%.  Failing the exam is expensive: it cost you time, it cost you money.  Spend a few extra minutes on improving your grades for this practice test, save hours of time and a few bucks later down the line!

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