The comprehensive list of road signs and pavement markings on this page has been compiled to help you study for the Florida DHSMV permit test. Learning about signals, markings and road signs for the permit test is a mammoth undertaking, as there are hundreds of different road signs in common use around the state, any of which could come up during the assessment. Use the information on this page to guide your studies for the road signs portion of the DMV written test, and you can be certain you have covered everything. When you want to gauge how much you have learned, check out one of our Florida DMV practice tests!

The 2024 DMV test in Florida is not for the faint-hearted. In other states, road sign-related questions generally only account for a small percentage of the overall exam. Here in Florida, aspiring drivers must pass two separate assessments to be awarded a learner’s permit, one of which focuses exclusively on road signs and pavement markings. The Florida road signs test will contain 25 multiple choice questions which are randomly chosen prior to the exam. Any of the road signs and markings we have listed here could be addressed, so it is essential to commit them all to memory. Most of the permit test questions on the DMV written test will either ask you to choose a picture of a road sign to match a given meaning, or, ask you to choose a meaning to match a given picture. Scrolling through the information on this page, you will notice that road signs are split into four distinct categories. Learning how to identify these categories and the general purpose of the signs within them will help you answer questions correctly during the permit test, if a sign comes up which you do not recall or recognize.

The four main categories of road signs for the Florida permit test are: regulatory signs (tell you what you must and must not do in a certain area), guide signs (tell you about present and upcoming locations), warning signs (warn you about upcoming hazards) and work zone signs (enforce the rules and warn of hazards in a work zone area). Most of the road signs within a given category share common shapes, colors or designs. For example, warning signs are usually always yellow-colored diamonds. Memorizing these patterns means that you can guess at the meaning of a road sign you have never seen before, simply by ascertaining which category it belongs to. The “Signs, Signals and Markings” chapter of our free driver’s education course for 2024 students – which is also available here on - will teach you everything you need to know about road sign categories and meanings. We recommend working through the Florida drivers ed course in addition to reading the DMV handbook, and memorizing the individual road signs listed here.

As the Florida DMV written test features a dedicated road signs exam, you should prepare for the assessment using a dedicated road signs permit practice test. Mixed road sign and road rule practice tests are useful, though the often fail to cover every road sign and pavement marking you could be asked about during the permit test. Here on, we provide a free Florida DMV permit practice test which only contains road sign-related questions. It makes the ideal self-assessment tool with which to measure your progress. Once you have spent some time learning about road signs here, take a break to see how much you can recall with our practice test. It does not matter how highly you score first time around as the quiz is available for unlimited retests!

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