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A second free practice permit test for Florida with questions that are guaranteed to help you nail that DMV exam the first time!  You do not have to wonder what questions are on the permit test in Florida anymore, all you need to do is go through all practice tests we have developed for you, make sure you can answer at least 80-90% of these questions correctly and you are good to hit your local DHSMV office! (By the way, if you are still under 18 y.o., you can take the permit test online, without ever leaving your house!)

This practice test offers twenty multiple choice questions that cover both road rules and road signs (the real permit test at the DHSMV has an equal number of questions on signs and rules and we are trying to keep it as close to the real thing as possible).  Negotiating intersections, traffic lights, questions on drug and alcohol awareness, parking regulations and speeding - if the permit test covers the topic, so do we!

Permit test questions on this quiz will stay the same every time you take it, we say you use this feature to your advantage and work the practice test at least a few times.  Mark the answers you got wrong, read the explanation for each one of them, take the test again and get a perfect score!  Remember, the more you practice now, the easier the real test will be!

If you have not read the Florida drivers handbook yet - now is the time to do so!  The real DMV test is based on the book and there is no better way to prepare for it than by reading the book!  Forget all those sites that offer you Florida permit test cheat sheets, you don't need them!  Just read the drivers manual, take our free 2019 Florida permit practice test and pass the DHSMV exam with flying colors!

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