Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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A 2019 Florida practice permit test on road rules and road signs to get you started!  We have put together questions that frequently appear on the real permit test, things you should really get to know before you pay the DHSMV a visit!   And to keep things simple, we cut it down to 20 multiple choice questions!  (Don't worry, we have more questions for you, just head over to the 2019 FL permit test simulator and get access to hundreds of free permit test questions if you can't wait) The first step is the hardest of all and we are here to help you take that step right now!

All questions on this free Florida permit practice test are multiple choice.  Every question has four answers, only one of those answers is correct.  If you are not sure which answer is correct, use our helpful hints to get more details on the question.  If the hint didn't help you, hit the 50/50 button and the system will remove two incorrect answers from the test.  Remember, you are here to learn, it's all right to "cheat" on this FL practice permit test (just don't try repeating that at the real DHSMV office!).  Finally, even if you pick an incorrect answer, the practice exam will show you the right one and will also provide a detailed explanation that will help you memorize the answer quicker!

Since the permit test is based on the 2019 Florida drivers manual, we strongly advise that you read it before you start practicing.   Questions in this permit practice test are highly similar (often identical) to the ones you will see on the real DMV exam and reading the drivers handbook will give you quite a head-start.  Just like the real test, our 2019 practice permit test for Florida covers road rules and road signs, but that's not it!  The test has questions on using car equipment, traffic signals, pavement markings, we cover passing and signaling, turning and parking, everything you need to know for the real exam!  Sure, we couldn't really fit all that info a single practice test and that's why we have others! 

We recommend that you don't rush through the exam and keep taking it until you can score around 90% every time you take it!  If you keep missing the same questions over and over again, make sure to review corresponding chapters of the drivers handbook!  Once you are satisfied with your score, head over to other Florida practice permit tests we offer online and take as many as you wish, after all, they are all free!

Good luck at the DHSMV and don't forget to let us know how the real test went!